Death Duccio Dini, five sentences and two acquittals


Five of the seven Roma on trial for the death of Duccio Dini, 29, overwhelmed on his scooter while stopped at a traffic light in Florence, were sentenced to voluntary murder at 25 years in prison. The incident occurred two years ago during a family feud of the group of nomads. Those sentenced to 25 years in prison are Kjamuran Amet, Remzi Amet, Remzi Mustafa, Dehran Mustafa and Antonio Mustafa. Kole Amet and Emin Gani were acquitted instead. The sentence of the judges of the assize court of Florence went beyond the requests of the prosecution who in the indictment had asked for sentences from 9 to 22 years.

Duccio Dini
Duccio Dini

Bunker room

This morning, in front of the gate of the bunker room in via Paolieri, some friends of Duccio affixed the banner with a purple writing, in memory of Duccio’s passion for Fiorentina. A special smile – they wrote on the poster – impossible to forget. Duccio and Florence together forever. Your friends, your curve, your city. Duccio’s friends then explained to reporters that they were present to ask for justice to be done and for an exemplary sentence. During the indictment, the first prosecutor of the trial, Tommaso Coletto, later appointed procurator of the Republic in Pistoia, had spoken of Gypsy sculpture and had described Duccio Dini as a sacrificial victim of this sculpture. Satisfied the civil lawyer, Bruna Pinucci Scatigna, had asked for the conviction of the defendants for voluntary murder by citing the Thyssenkrupp ruling of the Cassation of 2014. Today finally the time has come to give the family of Duccio Dini the justice he had been looking for for two years , said the lawyer, turning to the court. Who explained that the judges recognized the voluntary murder and not the street one. The defense, in the various arguments, had asked for the acquittal of six of the seven defendants and the de-registration to road and non-voluntary murder for one of the Roma.

June 30, 2020 (change June 30, 2020 | 7:38 pm)


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