Dear Ibra, you are right: Milan is no longer what it used to be. Otherwise it would not have taken you back First page


In the dispute that he had with Gazidis in front of his companions, Ibrahimovic has pronounced an unquestionably true phrase: “Milan is no longer what it used to be”. The Swede was in fact used to a different club: winning, expert, solid, organized, capable of building a team not as stellar as those of the Champions League triumphs, but still very strong. Now it is no longer so.However, it is surprising that an intelligent man like Ibrahimovic needed an all-trivial episode – the discussion on the cutting of the engagements – to understand that Milan has changed its face. He should have understood it at the exact moment when Boban and Maldini, in desperation for the failures, begged him to go and give them a hand. Here, at that moment for Zlatan everything should have been clear. Would old Milan take a 38-year-old player, albeit with a wonderful career behind him, to save his season? The answer is obvious: no, because the club that Ibra knew would never have been in such a difficult situation. It is no coincidence that Berlusconi and Galliani’s AC Milan bought Zlatan two years before, when he was 28 years old.

Since we don’t think Ibrahimovic is so naive that he doesn’t understand what Milan is in today, we have the feeling that his outburst against Gazidis was mainly caused by anger at the non-renewal of the contract. But this, in our opinion, is not a mistake: if you want to build a different and better future, the AC Milan club cannot bet on a 38-year-old champion. Indeed, soon, 39.@steagresti

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