Dear Giorgia Meloni, June 2nd belongs to everyone: yours too. But it also applies to April 25th


Yesterday the leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni, proud heir of the Italian Social Movement (in turn heir of the Fascist National Party and of the Italian Social Republic of Benito Mussolini), was in the front row during the Roman demonstration promoted by the Lega-FdI-Fi against the government: a few hundred people they paraded without respecting the rules anti-pandemic, while she stoically took a selfie with her allies.

At one point, Meloni said in perfect Italian (as reported here by theHandle): “I am delighted that with this demonstration the left has discovered that the June 2 it is also our party and we have the right to demonstrate us safely too. We are doing our best to put it in safety but I would like to point out that even when (they) made the demonstration on April 25, it was not safe “.

In fact, we can agree: the National Republic Day is (obviously) of all Italians, therefore also of FdI; just as everyone is our beauty Constitution (the one that, among other things, forbids “the reorganization, in any form, of the dissolved fascist party”). The anniversary serves as a reminder that the institutional referendum was held on 2 and 3 June 1946 with which the citizens chose the Republic, leaving the Savoy monarchy which, for 20 years, had supported Mussolini, including world war.

So was the homage paid yesterday by Meloni to June 2 a rather late acknowledgment of Mussolini’s errors and horrors? Nah. Following the reasoning, just mentioned, of the important political woman, another national holiday, the anniversary of the Liberation (liberation from fascism, thanks to which the Democratic Republic was born), it is not “their” stuff at all. That anniversary – which has been celebrated on April 25 since 1946 – would only be “left”; in fact a few weeks ago FdI asked to boycott.

In reality, the Liberation Day “belongs” to all Italians – Brothers of Italy, including Salvinians and Berlusconi – as much as the one that occurred yesterday. Unfortunately, however, Meloni, with her distinction between “us” and “them”, it clearly makes it clear that, as regards June 2, after the word “Republic” he would gladly write “social”: otherwise it is not clear why he used the pronoun “we” only for what it concerns the national celebration dedicated to the birth of the Republic. While the memory of the 25 April, judging by his words yesterday, it would only be “them”, that is, “of the left“.

You probably don’t know that this last anniversary was launched, on the proposal of the Prime Minister Alcide De Gasperi (DC), by Umberto II, then prince and lieutenant of the Kingdom of Italy: a few weeks before the institutional referendum, on 22 April 1946, Umberto, from Turin, issued a lieutenant legislative decree (read: “In celebration of the total liberation of the Italian territory, on April 25, 1946 it is declared a national holiday “), then confirmed with a law.

On the other hand, even Giorgia Meloni should have guessed that if the Nazis and Fascists had not been defeated in April 1945, we would not even have the day of the Democratic Republic. Should the allied troops, the Italian soldiers at their side and i partisans had lost, probably in 2020 she would be in the front row to celebrate the anniversary of September 23, 1943, the year of birth of the Italian social republic, or that of October 31, 1922, the day on which Mussolini took power in the Kingdom of Italy, proclaiming himself soon Duce: this remained until July 25, 1943, during a dictatorship lasting 20 years, 8 months and 25 days.

Instead, the fascist dictatorship lasted another 21 months “only” in northern Italy. Then, fortunately, it also ended up in the North, precisely with the general insurrection of April 25. Event that everyone (even Meloni, since it is one Italian citizen, an ex-minister and an MP) we should celebrate. Indeed, she should do it even more, thanking every day those who have allowed her, with the struggle and sacrifice, to freely show her nostalgia.

Certainly, however, with those words the leader of FdI clarified once and for all, more or less consciously, which side she is on: from whom it is not anti-fascist. And we can only be grateful for this clarification, because it has dispelled – in case there was need – any residual doubt. Thank you, Mr Meloni, for your sincerity.

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