“Dead cat, technicians from Padua to analyze bat colonies”. In Arezzo the first passage to a feline


“The cat had bitten the owner, the daughter and the vet”, the story of the cat who died after contracting the Lyssavirus was retraced in the usual Monday press conference by Mayor Alessandro Ghinelli. The cat’s attacks date back to last June 16, but the certainty of the infection is related to last June 28, when the first citizen signed two specific ordinances that provide for preventive measures.

“A procedure has been identified to carry out checks on both feline colonies and on the main ‘conductor’ of this virus or bats. There is indeed reason to believe – explains Ghinelli – that for the first time in the world the passage of the virus between bats and a feline right here in Arezzo. In the next few days, technicians from Padua will come to Arezzo to investigate and isolate some bats from the colonies existing in our city to carry out analyzes and understand if there is a fact. endemic”.

The mayor signed an order yesterday evening with which the public was denied access to the tomb of the Castro torrent identified, on entry, on Largo Inigo Campioni and, on exit, on via Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.

“The measure – explains the municipal administration -, which takes effect immediately until a new revocation order, became necessary after the note of the ASL veterinary public health prevention department and after the first measures of prevention and containment of the rabida infection with Lyssavirus, developed by the newly established working group.

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In this context, and in order to avoid the risk of exposure of people deriving from contact with potentially infected domestic and wild animals, it was considered essential to prohibit access to the tomb of the Castro torrent “.

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