De Magistris writes to De Luca: “Here are our financial projects”


Luigi de Magistris sent a note to the resident of the Vincenzo De Luca Region following what had emerged – as he writes – “in our recent meeting”. De Magistris sent to De Luca “a first, non-exhaustive list of the projects – grouped by themes – for which there is, for the most part, already an interlocution with the offices of the Campania Region. Their concrete implementation – which my needs notice, of the constitution of special technical tables for the examination also of future projects – would allow the development in many sectors of the social, civil and economic activities of our territory and our community. “Here are the projects listed by the municipality:

“ARTErie” project: executive project in a short time, based on the poc campania “program of events for the tourism promotion of Campania” period June’19-June’20 “(dgrc236 / 19), rightly revised in its final terms of realization with dgrc 153/2020 bringing it to december 2020. We ask to quickly admit it to financing (euro 450.000,00) so that we can proceed quickly to the realization of the activities.

Resources for the establishment of support measures Historical workshops. Resources for setting up support measures to promote local products. Incentives to contain rental fees for commercial or production premises and to temporarily reactivate properties not occupied by active companies; Resources to support experimental initiatives for the promotion of Newsstands in transformation towards digital. Resources for the Christmas planning of the trade and handicraft streets Naples 2020: artistic lighting plan for the historic centers of the ancient part and the 10 Municipalities.
Identification of special intervention areas for extraordinary interventions to support employment and business development: S. Gregorio Armeno. Identification of special intervention areas for extraordinary interventions in support of employment and business development: Management Center. Resources for interventions to promote the entire fair industry.

Launch of an experiment which identifies the pilot municipality in Naples in the implementation of an integrated work / welfare policy for a group of citizens at high risk of social exclusion. It is proposed to allocate resources for 10 million euros that the Municipality of Naples will use for the implementation of the new phase of the Youth Guarantee for the portion of the traineeships and accompanying measures to work.

Funding line dedicated to dignified housing policies that intervene where national subsidy measures are not accessible (e.g. identification and restructuring of places to be made functional to the housing needs of the most fragile people with a shared management model Region / Municipality ).

Rehabilitation financing of municipal parks as well as by agreements with the Campania Region.SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY
Extension of the city cycle network :. ncentivation of the use of bicycles and micro mobility devices in systematic movements through the recognition of mileage incentives for workers who choose to use forms of soft mobility to go to work.

Resolution of the stage issue. Accelerate new design procedures and new tender for the completion of the Fritz Dennerlein sports hall works. Completion of Bremen’s fallen stadium works.

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