De Luca, “Bulgarians who fled Mondragone went to the Piana del Sele”


I’m 49 were infected in the Bulgarian community of Roma ethnicity resident in Mondragone, in the province of Caserta. The outbreak in the Ex Cirio buildings has been generating tension for days and today a group of Roma living in the area forced the anti-contagion red zone in protest causing problems for the police who preside over the area. The situation is serious, also because in the meantime there are lost track of some positives. The law enforcement officers guarding the gates have managed to bring the Roma back. A few hours later some tens of Mondragone citizens have started a protest near one of the access points to the red zone, expressing concern about the spread of the infections.For its part, the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca announces the arrival of the army. “This morning I had an interview with the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese in relation to the red zone established in the former Cirio palaces of Mondragone – reports De Luca -. I asked for the urgent dispatch of a hundred men of the police to guarantee strict control of the territory. The minister announced the arrival of an army contingent. We have quarantined the 5 buildings, we did not want to penalize the whole city of Mondragone with kids struggling with the state exams and with the swimming season that has started. We will swab people in the area. If after the campaign of tampons we will have 5-7 positives then we can rest assured, but if there are a hundred positives we will close Mondragone in full. Maximum collaboration from citizens, no one must enter and exit the red zone. Yesterday 4-5 Bulgarians fled to the Piana del Sele, all eyes open. Mondragone situation with immigrants is not born today, an old situation like Castelvolturno “.

The outbreak turned out after two positive cases were discovered last week: one first pregnant woman who gave birth at the Sessa Aurunca hospital, then another member of the same community. The authorities conducted a blanket screening and closed the five buildings of the former Cirio residential complex in a red area. Around 300 Italians live in the area, almost 200 Bulgarian Roma but also citizens of Ukraine, Tunisia, Russia, Romania, Poland, Moldova, as well as from South America, Brazil and Venezuela, and from North Africa (Tunisia and Morocco). The area is off limits and the test results gradually show the growing presence of positive cases. There are around 700 people in quarantine and 49 of them are already full-blown positives (all Bulgarian Roma with the exception of 3 Italians). Apparently, none of them are symptomatic.

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