De Luca against Report: “Double lawsuit”





De Luca against Report: Double lawsuit

“We will not waste time against media aggression campaigns. Shut up shut up, in these two and a half months we have already made 6 complaints as defamation as Campania Region. Last Monday there was another transmission for which our complaints will reach 8, we will make 2 more “. This was stated by the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, with reference to the Rai3 ‘Report’ broadcast, without mentioning it during his direct social on Friday afternoon.

“When we see some rubbish in the press and information media – explained De Luca – a minute later the lawsuit for defamation arrives, but in silence, without making free advertising to anyone. Last Monday there was another broadcast for which our lawsuits will reach 8, we will make 2 more in relation to that shameful campaign of media aggression on a public television network, with shameful and sensational fakes. A double complaint, because in that case we will go to the criminal level but also on the plane civil, that is, compensation. ”

De Luca added that “in every civilized country in the world, a self-styled journalist who gives sensationally false news compared to an ASL would be fired after 5 minutes. In Italy we live in an equestrian circus context, so everyone thinks of doing what We are a country in which investigative journalism is confused with what in other countries is called private violence or simply baronialism. Among other things – he concluded – on Monday evening there was at the same time the film ‘The last samurai’ with Tom Cruise: how can you be so masochistic to see that broadcast instead of a wonderful and engaging film? It is valid for the future, do not be depraved to be lost with the nonsense “.

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