De Laurentiis, two officialities are coming. Interview with Jorge Mendes, the background


Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis visited the players in the technical center of Castel Volturno yesterday.

Today’s edition of Corriere del Mezzogiorno revealed some unedited background on the patron ‘s visit Naples in Castel Volturno: De Laurentiis he explained that next week he will give more indications on the times in which he will pay back wages, he also expects clarity regarding the federal deadlines appropriate for the Covid-19 emergency. The only certainty is that by June 15 wages must be paid which correspond to the federal minimums, a mechanism that often affects the youth of Primavera on their first professional contract. De Laurentiis seemed determined, eager to reward the seriousness of his boys and to respect the commitments as he has always done. “

It also adds: “The pandemic has created a unique situation and, therefore, the idea is to take the two and a half months that are missing at the end of the current season to meet all deadlines. We await the official renewal of Mertens is Zielinski, the resolution of the Callejon node and contacts for the renewal of the agreement with Gattuso continue. There is discussion of a three-year period for which De Laurentiis had conversations on the phone with Jorge Mendes that assists growling from a contractual point of view “.

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