De Laurentiis to the team: “Let’s win them all!”. Gattuso’s immediate reply to the president arrives


The newspaper Repubblica, in the space reserved for football, reveals a background on Naples. The blues celebrated the victory against Juventus.

Today’s edition of the newspaper Republic, in the space reserved for football, reveals a background on the dinner organized by Lorenzo Insigne after his triumph in the Italian Cup. The blues met at Salvatore Maresca’s Riserva Roof-Top restaurant, in via Manzoni. «Let’s win them all», the words of De Laurentiis to the team. Because appetite comes with eating. And the football of De Laurentiis was teased by the Italian Cup. The night of the Olimpico will have to become a starting point for Napoli, which has relaunched itself by putting the sixth tricolor trophy in its history on the bulletin board.

The president has set a goal. “Let’s win them all.” That is, the remaining twelve league games. He did it on Friday evening. There where Napoli decided to celebrate the triumph over Juventus. Group in full: the players with their companions, Gattuso and of course De Laurentiis. All together to celebrate and – why not – look forward. The Champions comeback is objectively complicated. Much will depend on Atalanta: if he were to beat Sassuolo in recovery tonight, he would have a 12-point advantage over Napoli. A mountain to climb, but the blues are now accustomed to the run-up and De Laurentiis hopes for an important line to reach fourth place. Hence the wish of the president who found the immediate bank of Gattuso («I do the begging»), at the height of an evening ended with the toast and the cutting of the cake

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