De Laurentiis doesn’t stop, he wants the money from SKY. The president ready for a sensational gesture


Aurelio De Laurentiis does not intend to make discounts to SKY Sport on the latest installment of the television rights to be paid to Serie A clubs.

Aurelio De Laurentiis does not stop. From the beginning, together with Claudio Lotito, had been the most determined in going to the clash with Sky. In his view, the injunctions should have started as soon as the payment deadline of the last installment expired. It took a few more weeks, but in the meantime, the League turned to court. Except that the judge has not yet issued the decree and no bank transfers have left from Santa Giulia. Well, if the pay-TV of Santa Giulia continues not to pay, the president of Napoli would like to remove the signal: in essence, could not broadcast the matches.

De Laurentiis expressed his purpose, during the Assembly, in a long speech against Santa Giulia TV. Obviously, if accepted, it would become very complicated to imagine recovering the relationship with the historical partner. Moreover, during the meeting, all the concerns for the next announcement also emerged, after Thursday’s decision by the State Council, which reinstated the prohibition for Sky to acquire content exclusively for the internet. It means that there is a real risk that Serie A may lose value. To report it is today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport.

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