De Gregorio and friends – accomplices This is how the extortion took place in bars and restaurants


«Do you want to keep this bar open or not? Do you want to keep this bar open? Do you want us to come back in the morning and put the seals on you? ” So with these threats, the group headed by “strategist” Sergio De Gregorio (former senator of Italia dei Valori and then of the PDL) he tried to hit the small Bengali businessman: eighty thousand euros in cash to keep his modest garrison (“Enjoy” bar) between via Chiana and via Tagliamento, in the prestigious Trieste district. “Ali, stop being smart, stay calm,” they whispered to Rasol Ghavidelazar, as if to say that when a citizen of Bangladesh raises his head, in this country, he ends up finding bread for his teeth. Imagine the scene. It is 8:20 pm on April 29, 2016 and Rasol, who will later file a complaint, is at work in the restaurant. A Fiat Bravo parked in the second row and the two passengers, tall “of athletic build”, came in to talk to him.

A third person also arrives aboard a Smart and the warnings immediately start: “You have to give Corrado the money …” say Pietro Schena, Vito Frascella and Antonio Fracella simultaneously while the ex-force senator waits quietly accommodated in the Smart. “Corrado” is the friend Di Stefano arrested yesterday with the others. And it is immediately extortion. Few doubts about the involvement of De Gregorio who is recognized by the bartender to which the agents of the mobile team show a photo album with his photo among many. But it is the extortion against Islam Shafiqul restaurateur of the “Surma” in via Flavia that convinces the prosecutor Francesco Minisci to ask for precautionary measures against De Gregorio and friends. Here too, in the heart of the Sallustiano district, the ways are those in vogue in the suburbs manned by organized crime. In this case De Gregorio and the others make use of Vito Meliota, a thirty-year-old from Bari, a supporter of strong manners, who also included a halter clause in the contract for the property of the “Surma”. The loss of property in the event of default.

Again there is a deposition, this time by the partner of the small business owner of the bar, Islam Shafiqul from which the return of the license is claimed: «On February 25, 206, when I arrived at the bar I found my partner Islam Shafiqul who told me that Vito (Vito Meliota, ed.) had entered the bar screaming and railing against us because failure to pay a check for 15 thousand euros. I proposed to Vito the deferred payment of 50% of the sum immediately and the remaining 50% at the beginning of the month of April. Vito’s anger did not subside he continued to scream and used physical violence towards me taking me by the collar of my shirt and telling me that I didn’t know who I was dealing with; it also gave a push to my partner who was about to fall to the ground. ”

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