Davide Basolo, the Alchemist, in tears


Giovanna’s choice for Men and Women threw Davide Basolo, the Alchemist, into despair, who in the interview after the episode said “A piece of heart went away”

If in the study Giovanna Abate and Sammy exchanged kisses and hugs, strictly protected by masks and gloves, David behind the scenes he shed many tears disconsolate.
The mysterious Alchemist, who later revealed himself to be Davide Basolo, was the protagonist of the program for a long time Maria De Filippi but, in the last episode, he was excluded from the choice of Giovanna who preferred Sammy Hassan

Giovanna “justifies” herself with Davide Basolo

Giovanna did not hold back and wanted to explain her choice to Davide

Ours was an inverse path, normally people have the opportunity to get to know each other to touch each other and then maybe they come to meet with the mind, we did the exact opposite, this allowed us to discover something inside us that has us tied, without necessarily having to touch.
Our minds have perfectly intersected, you have managed with your way of being to make me live emotions that have made me have a really big boom inside my heart. For this I begin by thanking you. I trusted you right away and it’s not something Giovanna does, and when I take my first thoughts home after the first messages, you get my ideas out of nowhere and revolutions, when you arrived I didn’t have it understood nothing more. There hasn’t been a time when I have regretted or resented it, of having said or done something, in fact, I always wanted to do something more. The Giovanna I see with you is the one who doesn’t have to paw to demand, because things come without me having asked for them. I got tired with the thought, I asked any part of me what I should do, I have always been sincere with you, but this together with your honesty, your being so good leads me today to not be able to tell you that you are my choice , because it would mean that I am doing something for the Giovanna that I dream of and not for the Giovanna that she is. I don’t want a person like you to suffer.

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David in tears greets Giovanna


Words that though beautiful have not attenuated his ache, pain that led the boy to cry and to tell his mood:

It hurts me that it ended like this. Although everyone said that for her there was only him, I tried to believe until the end that there would be an after, and I believed it and I really liked to believe it, I liked her, therefore, I let myself go it is normal, you support yourself backwards thinking that they hold you and you hurt yourself more. However what I built with her ends here, it is a piece of heart that however you have given that will not come back. I put on the bench in front of everyone what I am and it is not always easy, especially for someone like me who always tends not to show how it is, and to do it for a reason is one thing, to do it and then to feel that it was not useful anyway to nothing is another. If I went back I would do it all again.

We are convinced that we will see again soon Davide Basolo, maybe a Temptation Island or as tronista Men and Women: Maria De Fillippi he won’t be able to forget it easily and, the public certainly wants him to be a protagonist again.

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