Daniela Zanardi wife Alex Zanardi, who is she? Age, height, photos


Let’s find out who Daniela Zanardi is, wife of the racing driver and paracyclist Alex Zanardi. Age, height, curiosity and private life

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A strong and courageous woman who has always supported her man even in moments of greatest despair. Daniela Manni better known as Daniela Zanardi she is the pilot’s wife Alex Zanardi. Even after the pilot’s last tragic accident, he showed off his great courage by declaring: “He will manage to do it, I will not leave him alone. I joined him with the car and a minute before the accident he said he was the happiest man in the world to be able to ride in that paradise. Then I heard a bang but luckily Alex was still breathing ”

Despite the popularity and vicissitudes of her husband Alex she has always preferred to remain anonymous and never expose herself to the media spotlight. This is also why there is very little information about him. Let’s try to get to know her better and understand some aspects of her private life.

Daniela Zanardi age and height

As regards the registry, the details of the place and date of birth are not known. Presumably it should be more or less the age of the spouse Alex. Everything is silent even in terms of height and weight. More information is available on his long history with the pilot, which began in the 90s and culminated in his marriage in 1996. A love born between the tracks when he ran in Kart and in F3, who resisted many obstacles and really dark moments. They passed the accident on September 15, 2001, when Cart of Lausitzring, Alex he lost his lower limbs following a terrible accident. On 19 June 2020 he was overwhelmed while he was in handbike reporting neurological and visual damage. Again Daniela she rushed to his rescue, hoping to be able to support him in another tough battle.

Daniela Zanardi Niccolò Zanardi

Niccolò Zanardi
Instagram source – @ niccolò_zanardi

From their love in 1998 he was born Niccolò Zanardi. THEThe boy has a fairly marked resemblance to his father and like many boys, he is very active on social networks especially on Instagram (@ nicolò_zanardi), where I post photos in the company of friends but also with family members.

Daniela Zanardi pictures, photos, instagram

Daniela and Alex Zanardi
Instagram source – @francescafavotto

As a reserved woman, she is not particularly inclined with tools like Facebook is Instagram and going back to his images is a decidedly arduous undertaking. In general, on the net it is not easy to find and even when searching from a normal browser it is difficult to find its clear and clear photos. He is often with sunglasses, just to avoid being noticed.

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