Dancing with the stars, Beppe Convertini competitor? “I would love to try”


Written by Giulia Tolace, June 8, 2020, in Interviews

Dancing with the stars 2020, will Beppe Convertini participate? “I would love to try”

He didn’t stop working even with the coronavirus, Beppe Convertini, and continued to keep viewers company with Green Line. Now Beppe is preparing for the new Rai1 program Il Terzo Tempo, who will lead together with Anna Falchi. But he still has desires and plans, and dreams of participation in Dancing with the stars 2020. His television career is ready for new adventures and, as he says on Vanity Fair, there are two programs you would like to participate in: “I’d love to try Tale and Which Show or Dancing with the Stars. They are two programs that give you the opportunity to improve yourself and that are very educational for those who do this job. These are shows that complete you “. Will Beppe Convertini be a new competitor of Dancing with the Stars?

Beppe Convertini on Rai1 with Il Terzo Tempo together with Anna Falchi: “We will give space to the stories that give meaning to life”

Busy until June 28th with Green Line, from the next day Beppe Convertini will not go on vacation. In fact, the new Rai1 program Il Terzo Tempo, a new television adventure that will keep viewers company from Monday to Friday from 10 am. The new program The Third Time will focus on the third age, as Beppe Convertini says during the interview:

“The third time of life is wonderful, you can work, travel, dance, sing, dedicate yourself to solidarity. We will try to give space to the stories that give meaning to life at every age because, after all, every age has its charm. “

To lead with him there will be Anna Falchi, towards which Convertini spends words of esteem: “She is a beautiful woman, very nice and joyful”.

Green Line, Beppe Convertini talks about the conduction with the coronavirus: “Incredible scenario”

During the coronavirus period, in full pandemic and lockdown, with Italy suspended, Green Line with Beppe Convertini continued to air. But it was not easy, as he explains Beppe Convertini during the interview:

“It was an incredible scenario. Last summer I happened to work in the days of August, but there were tourists. This time I witnessed a different void, a deafening and even a little disturbing silence. “

And while the conduction of continues Green Line, and is preparing for that of the new program The Third Time, Convertini dreams Dancing with the stars, on which the start date has been revealed.

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