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Regardless of the discussion on the Mes and other aids put on the table by the European Union, the Conte government will have to present a repayment plan with a high public debt. According to the document acquired by The messenger, Minister Gualtieri intends to develop a ten-year return strategy. The International Monetary Fund has estimated a surge in public debt of up to 166% of GDP, so the issue has returned to being a priority for the government.

There will be one new round of spending review, but the dossier concerning the increase in taxes on polluting activities will also return to the table: the carbon tax hypothesis is back in vogue, after being wrecked during the last financial maneuver. Second The newspaper not even a touch up can be ruled out pensions. After the “tears and blood” reform approved by the Monti government and for which the then minister Fornero is remembered, this time it could be the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus to require a cut: from a simulation of the Sole24Ore it appears that retirees could lose 5.5% of the pension amount, not exactly crumbs. But for now it’s too early to talk about the details, the discussion on the plan to repay the public debt has just started and will continue until September.

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