Cured with syrup, he dies in the Neapolitan area: he had Covid. Buffer delayed, the Prosecutor opens an investigation


He had Covid and was treated with a little syrup, without any of the concerned doctors bothering to do the most natural thing: arrange the buffer. An agony lasting 22 days, with the final mockery: only four hours after death, at Loreto Mare, the ASL decides to communicate in the family what everyone already knew: the patient had tested positive for coronavirus. Here is the story of Luigi Starita, citizen of Piano di Sorrento who died on March 30 in Loreto Mare, after what his relatives call a “long chain of omissions and defaults”. And if in the course of his illness, the swab arrived late, now Luigi Starita’s family is not willing to wait much longer for another type of verification. Represented by the criminal lawyer Gennaro Razzino, Luigi Starita’s close relatives ask the Procuratorate of Torre Annunziata to order the seizure of the medical records, both at Loreto Mare (where Luigi Starita’s death took place on 30 March), and in the Piano di Sorrento hospital, where the patient waited unnecessarily for an antiviral treatment or in any case ad hoc therapies to fight the corona virus. A story told today in the morning by Viviana Starita, daughter of the deceased pensioner who denounces: “My father was in excellent health, he died because he was not treated”.

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A bad news story, which dates back to 8 March. Angry cough, high fever. On the phone, the family doctor simply reassures Luigi Starita’s family, in the name of a refrain destined to scan the following days as well: we do not have Covid patients in Piano or in other coastal towns, so there is little to worry about. We get to March 14, the situation degenerates, the doctor – always on the phone – prescribes infiltration of Rocefin and Bentelan, without however considering the swab or hospitalization indispensable, without appearing at home for a personal visit of one’s patient. It is also useless to contact the medical guard of Meta di Sorrento. Two sanitary workers arrive in Luigi Starita’s house, wear individual protection in the garden, limit themselves to ascertaining the existence of an ongoing bronchitis and to arrange a cure based on sedative syrup and vitamin b. Also in this case, no buffer, so much so that at a specific request from the family, a reproach also came from the two health workers.

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But the chain of alleged critical issues is not over. We are on March 19, when – in the face of worsening health conditions – theambulance of 118. They don’t get out of the car, they just ask their daughter to go buy one oxygen tank, widening the potential risk of contagion in the country: “Alone – explains Vivana Starita – I administered oxygen to my father, so much so that we were forced shortly to call 118 again”. This time the sanitary workers arrive with protection, the hospitalization starts a Sorrento. Here too there is no shortage of surprises. Finally an x-ray and swab, which is sent to Cotugno, while the family is informed that antiviral medicines are missing, prompting the daughter to do a personal search with a lot of pec to the carabinieri and the prefect for delivery. Meanwhile, it is March 24, transfer to Loreto mare, where Luigi Starita arrives very seriously. Certainty has also come from Cotugno that the buffer is positive, but on March 30th there is nothing more to do. Four hours after the death of Luigi Starita, the ASL is concerned with informing the family that the swab (unsuccessfully asked for fifteen days) had given a positive result and that the quarantine was to be triggered. Meanwhile, there is a new race against time, with the application to pm Beard to obtain the first step of a dutiful investigation: the seizure of medical records.

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