cross-play starts tomorrow, June 11, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One –


No Man’s Sky updates tomorrow, June 11, 2020, with the addition of the cross-play between PC, PS4 and Xbox One, which will therefore allow players to find themselves in multiplayer even between communities belonging to different platforms, as well as several other corrections applied with the update.

In correspondence with its arrival on the Xbox Game Pass, therefore, No Man’s Sky gets the cross-platform multiplayer among all the platforms on which it is available. The game will also be made available on Windows Store in PC version Windows 10 and also in the latter version will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, while we await confirmations on the presence of the Play Anywhere features.

Apparently, players can therefore play multiplayer across all platforms, with the ability to organize sessions throughout the game or from the home screen. Users who play on the platform on which we find ourselves are signaled by a corresponding icon, while others will have a controller icon to report them.

Among the new features introduced with theupdating there are also several other options for managing friends, which should allow for more extensive and simpler control over the communication and organization features of social interactions and with other players.

Many news also regarding the options of chat with the vowel on PS4 re-established, the possibility of transcribing the voice chats and various other features introduced, together with several new features regarding the area “Quality of Life” the reporting of player names and messages by the system.

Other changes applied by the update concern improvements and bug fixes concerning the VR version and adjustments of various problems also for the standard editions on the various platforms.

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