Cronavirus, Bolsonaro censors data on deaths and infections in Brazil: Ministry of Health website obscured



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“THE data cumulative they do not reflect the moment in which the country is located ”. So stop the spread of overall numbers on infections and deaths in Brazil. The decision of Jair Bolsonaro comes while the curve of the pandemic shows no sign of diminishing. Indeed, it continues to rise and worries. But the “denial” president gave orders to obscure the Ministry of Health with the overall data of the pandemic trend in the country, the second in the world most affected by COVID-19 and hotbed of theLatin America with 691,758 confirmed cases and 36,455 victims.


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“We are adopting others actions to improve the communication of the number of cases and confirmation of diagnosis“, He explained without specifying anything else and in the newsletters newspapers – whose publication has been moved from five in the afternoon to ten in the evening – will only be recorded updates of the last 24 hours. An attitude branded by critics as “attempt authoritarian, insensitive, inhuman and unethical to make Covid-19’s dead invisible. ” Meanwhile a St. Paul a demonstration against the government was dispersed by the military police, who made use of gas tear. “They are vandals, not demonstrators. We reject these activities, ”said the military police spokesman, the lieutenant colonel Emerson Massera.

The Brazil pays the ‘denial’ attitude of Bolsonaro, which in recent days, along the lines of Donald Trump, accused the WHO of an “ideological” approach by threatening to leave the organization of United Nations, and in a few weeks it has become the third hardest hit country in the world after United States is UK. The desire to minimize the extent of the pandemic had already been expressed in recent days by the Ministry of Health, which had declared that it wanted to recount the deaths due to COVID-19 because “caused by other diseases but incorrectly registered as coronavirus to obtain funds from the federal government”. Considerations made by the Ministry’s Science Officer Carlos Wizard that, without providing evidence, called the data “fanciful or manipulated”. Wizard he added that the new data will be provided in a month, triggering the controversy of the opposition that denounces an attempt to censor the information.

But experts believe that the reality is opposite to that described by the government of Brasilia, that is, that the dead are actually many more due to the failure diagnosis. Meanwhile throughout theLatin America there are almost 64 thousand deaths and 1.2 million infections. The Brazil is followed by Peru (191.758 and 5.301) and from Chile (127,745 and 1,541), with at least 9 other countries exceeding 5,000 deaths, including Argentine is Mexico.

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