Critical issues in a tunnel: prolonged closure of the A10 motorway: traffic paralyzed in the city. Section open at 13 on one lane


Another day of ordinary folly on the highway (but also in the city) for the Genoese. The fault of yet another “defect” as they call it from Autostrade per italia found in a tunnel. In reality, only the latest in an infinite series of critical issues that have accumulated over the years with the incredible management of the network that emerges from the investigations.
Autostrade’s efforts to send more personnel and the apology of the company sound almost mocking compared to the vastness of the problems and the decay of the infrastructures. Here is the report generated by the last “defect”.

The last “flaw” in a motorway tunnel: traffic paralyzed even in the city

The closure of the A10 Genova-Savona motorway, in the stretch between Genova Aeroporto and Genova Prà, in the direction of Savona, has been prolonged to allow interventions to restore some defects found during inspection activities conducted during the night inside the Provenzale tunnel. He reports it in a note Autostrade.
“Given the conformation of the fornix, which does not allow the installation of a by-pass – reads the press release – the technicians are verifying the possibility of creating a passage that allows the opening, by today morning, of a lane deviating on the opposite track “.


The Cassation: “The chief of Spea instigated the subordinates to falsify the reports on the conditions of the highway viaducts”

The by pass was opened at 13.00 inside the Pra ‘sound tunnel, to allow the flow of traffic on a lane after the prolonged closure, this morning, of the Provencal tunnel on the A10 in the stretch between Genoa Airport and Genoa Prà, in the direction of Savona, following the night inspections. Inside the tunnel, restoration work continues on some defects found. 25 people worked in these hours in addition to six road operators, who will remain in place until the traffic has returned to normal conditions. After the removal of the new jersey traffic divider barrier, a pavement connection was made by milling and then laying bituminous conglomerate. Then the vertical construction site signs were installed. A paving cutter, crane truck for handling new jersey, a paver for asphalt paving, a road roller, sweeping machines and 4 articulated lorries for the transport of the material were used.
The Genoa Pegli stations leaving Genoa and entering towards Savona and Genoa Pra ‘leaving Genoa remain closed.
Constant updates on the traffic situation and alternative routes are branched out via the “My Way” connections broadcast on Sky Meteo24 (channel 502 Sky), on Sky TG24 (channels 100 and 500 Sky and channel 50 on digital terrestrial), on La7 and La7d (digital terrestrial channels 7 and 29), on the My Way App, downloadable for free from the Android and Apple stores. On the website, on RTL 102.5, on Isoradio 103.3 FM, through the variable message panels and on the TV Infomoving network in the service area. For further information, please call the Autostrade call center at 840.04.21.21, open 24 hours a day.There are also heavy consequences on city traffic with traffic jams to the west. Traffic jams on the Guido Rossa, Sampierdarena and western Genoa. Buses are stuck in traffic. Discomfort also at the toll booth of Nervi, because motorists are looking for an escape route on ordinary roads. queues are registered in via Cavallotti and corso Italia, which has become one lane due to the construction of the cycle path up to corso Marconi.

Users of the A12 and the A7 entrance stations are heading towards Genova Prà or Savona are advised to proceed along the A7 towards Milan and continue along the Predosa-Bettole branch to reach the A26 towards Genova.

The municipal police, after closing it until 10.50 am, are contiguing the entrances on the Elevata alla Foce towards Sampierdarena and have deployed 36 patrols, 72 agents, all those who were available, to guard the major axes such as via Guido Rossa, Lungomare Canepa, via Cantore, via Buozzi, via Milano, even using the patrols on duty in the historic center. “The situation is very critical to the helical because of the heavy vehicles that have to enter the port,” they explain to the command. Civil protection has been alerted. “At the moment there are no such critical issues for our intervention because we are trying to avoid total blockage of circulation”, explains managing director Sergio Gambino. Among the solutions, also to divert all heavy traffic on the A7.

The Council of the Liguria Region will sign an act of formal notice of the MIT this afternoon to ask for the damages caused by the problems of the motorway network. This was announced by Governor Giovanni Toti. “A painful secret plan is underway – he said speaking of the construction site plan – to remedy decades of inertia in a single month at the end of the lockdown. The regionalization of infrastructures is a fundamental theme. The first that I would revoke is the MIT, this Government , this minister and all the general managers, I think it is the most urgent withdrawal ”

While the city traffic is still haywire due to the failure to reopen the section on the A10 between Genoa Airport and Genoa Prà, a queue of five kilometers stopped on the A12 Genoa-Livorno, towards Rosignano, between Genoa East and Recco for works. Code, but under the kilometer, always in A12 between the A12 / A7 junction Milan-Genoa and Genoa east, and in A7 Milan-Serravalle-Genoa, towards Genoa, on the A7 / A12 Genoa-Livorno junction coming from Milan to Livorno. In the afternoon, the situation could worsen due to the arrival of tourists from Lombardy and Piedmont to the eastern and western rivers. In recent weeks, the prefecture has activated a plan that provides for the permanent monitoring of the five Genoese motorway exits, an alternative road system for heavy vehicles, and the activation of civil protection in the event of large traffic jams. On the weekends after the opening of traffic between the regions, the Ministry of Transport and Aspi had speculated queues of up to over 30 kilometers to coincide with the many construction sites along the network for safety.

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