Cristiano Ronaldo: And now I’m talking!


TORINO The truth is that nobody knows exactly what will be staged tonight at 9 pm on the lawnAllianz Stadium, for the occasion populated by just 300 people, including players. A stopover of ninety-five days without a match, even if a friendly one, does not exist in the history of post-war football[…]

Maurizio Sarri can cling to the totem Cristiano Ronaldo, which as often happens, makes history in itself.[…]

Ronaldo has come back stronger, faster and even more determined than before, because the desire to play has turned into craving over the weeks, the desire for goals devours him and is very excited by the idea of ​​resuming with two games that, potentially , they could give him a trophy he never won. His entourage called him “highly motivated”. His teammates saw him even more drawn and hungry for victories. Sarri has understood that he can count on his extreme professionalism. And tonight he takes the field on fire from the desire to score goals, but above all to reach the final to be able to conquer a trophy that is missing from his collection (the Italian Cup would complete an unpublished triptych for a footballer with the Fa Cup and the King’s Cup) . A collection that makes embarrassing the confrontation with the formation of AC Milan that, without Ibrahimovic, will send an eleven who has 8 trophies to his credit, against the 30 of Ronaldo alone. Yet CR7 remains insatiable, also because when he started to re-materialize before him the season, with the calendar that marks the Italian Cup, Scudetto and Champions in three different times, he returned to caress the triple plan that has always cradled. A detail of the prize list that Lionel Messi can boast and he does not. And it is known that certain things for Ronaldo are particularly motivating.

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