Crew Dragon, possible early return of NASA astronauts


This was made clear by Ken Bowersox, associate director of the NASA directorate for human exploration, explaining that the mission launched in collaboration with Elon Musk’s Space X is proceeding positively
The Demo-2 mission, officially taken on May 30th when the two NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, on the Crew Dragon shuttle (VIDEO), for the first time in history, went into space with a private capsule, owned by the businessman Elon Musk is proceeding well and this could make the American Space Agency decide to anticipate the return of the two astronauts to Earth, than expected. This was made clear by Ken Bowersox, associate director of the NASA directorate for human exploration, during a joint meeting of the American Academy of Sciences, the Commission of Space Studies of Engineering and Medicine and the Commission of Aeronautics and Space Engineering.

The mission is progressing well


From Tesla to SpaceX, the visionary projects of Elon Musk. PHOTO

With the Crew Dragon arriving regularly on the International Space Station, the US returned to orbit after 9 years, ushering in a new era of space exploration, thanks to the first flight of astronauts from American soil after the Space Shuttle left the scene , which took place in 2011. NASA, before launching thanks to the power of the Falcon 9 rocket, had not set an effective date for the mission, claiming that every decision would be made on an ongoing basis, also based on its performance in space. A plausible residence time for Hurley and Behnken had been set at a maximum of 119 days, but this period could be even shorter. “The mission is going very well, so we think it reasonable for the crew to stay there a month or two,” said Bowersox, considering a number of factors, including the progress of Space X capsule tests and weather conditions. in the place provided for ditching.

A spacewalk

“The details are still being worked out”, however, stressed Bowersox, who also announced that for one of the two men of Crew Dragon, or Robert Behnken, “two spacewalks are scheduled by the end of July.” Behnken will be the protagonist together with the commander Chris Cassidy, who was already present on the ISS together with the Russians Ivan Vagner and Anatoli Ivanishin, when the two American astronauts had entered the same (PHOTO). The goal will be to replace the batteries on the Space Station pylon, while Hurley will manage the robotic arm.

The stages of return

One prediction is that the two American astronauts will return to Earth at the latest in August, when winds are generally light on the ditching sites. Crew Dragon will return with a dip in the ocean, off the east coast of Florida, in an area located in the Gulf of Mexico. The flight of Demo-2, it must be remembered, represents a test, being preparatory for the truly operational missions related to the rotation of the crew of the Space Station. The first, called Crew-1, is scheduled no earlier than August 30 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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