Crash in the night against a light pole in Farra di Soligo: fourteen year old dies of Crespignaga


An accident that resulted in the death of Vittoria De Paoli, a fourteen year old from Crespignaga di Maser and the hospitalization in serious conditions of a sixteen year old resident in Valdobbiadene, that which took place yesterday evening, Saturday 27 June, at 11.30 pm in Farra di Soligo on via Rialto towards via Cal Nova.

The two were aboard a Vespa 125 driven by A.S.A., a boy from 2003: reaching the intersection with via Borgo Grotta for causes that are under consideration by the carabinieri of Vittorio Veneto, he lost control by crashing into a light pole.

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Despite the intervention of Suem 118 that transported the girl to Conegliano and the boy to Treviso in a reserved prognosis, at 1.10 am the young woman from 2006 passed away.

Great regret for the Maser community and Valdobbiadene also shares the pain of the disappearance and continues to hope for the boy’s condition. The girl had been a few hours earlier accompanied by a parent in Farra di Soligo to participate in a party with friends and it is not clear why she was on that scooter.

The Carabinieri will also be responsible for checking whether the boys had taken alcohol and whether they wore protective helmets correctly upon impact.

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(Photo: Archive).

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