Crash Bandicoot on PS5? The new game will be revealed tonight, suggests a leak –


Crash Bandicoot for SS5 will be revealed tonight with a new game? A curious one suggests it leak: images of the unpublished merchandising dedicated to the character.

Apparently figurines, cups, glasses and magnets dedicated to Crash and his friends will arrive in stores, and the timing of the leak is at least suspect considering that tonight we will be able to attend the PS5 presentation event.

In short, will Crash Bandicoot arrive on PS5 exclusively? The rumor of April could be confirmed, even if only halfway: we doubt that Activision can renounce its cross-platform vocation.

Beyond these aspects, it will be very interesting to see what the developers probably prepared Vicarious Visions: the same team that dealt with Crash Bandicoot in a very brilliant way: N. Sane Trilogy.

The appointment is therefore for tonight at 22.00, at the height of the marathon for the reveal of PlayStation 5.

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