Covid: “We will have surprises from serological analysis”. The knot of diffusion in Lombardy


Milan, June 4, 2020 – “I think we will have surprises dall ‘serological analysis of all Italy. If on February 23 in Vo ‘it was 5% I think that in some areas of the Lombardy will have reached over 30% “. I am convinced Andrea Crisanti, professor of microbiology at the University of Padua. Crisanti said that swabs, serological tests and medical tests were done to the population and that “as regards the analysis of the swabs, we confirm that there are no new positive Vò cases. From the serological tests – he added – we had instead surprises interesting: there are an important number of people who on the first sampling were negative to the swab and were doing well, but have shown to have antibodies “. Basically, it has been seen that “5% of the population of Vo has antibodies and this allows us to determine the date of entry of the virus in Vo in the first or second week of January “, compared to patient one of Codogno reported on February 21.

Crisanti then returned to the professed’s statementsr Alberto Zangrillo of San Raffaele in Milan. “If Professor Zangrillo had gone to Vo ‘in the first week of January and had seen people who were possibly positive for the virus he would have said that the virus clinically it did not exist. Then we saw what he did. “For the professor:” We still don’t understand this virus well, we don’t understand why when we reach a critical threshold, people begin to get seriously ill. ”

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