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Conducted by clinical pathology researchers, they study homocysteine ​​as a marker of a possible serious development of the disease

Is it possible to identify which patients are most at risk of developing the most severe form of complications from COVID19? The researchers of the Clinical Pathology of UNIMORE, led by prof. Aldo Tomasi, have studied the potential of Homocysteine ​​as a predictive marker of severe Covid disease. The two studies were conducted by prof. Giovanni Ponti of the Clinical Pathology of UNIMORE and dr Monia Maccaferri, Biologist of Clinical Pathology carried out this study in collaboration with doctorTommaso Trenti, Director of the Integrated Laboratory Activity Department and Dr. Laura Roli,Inter-company department with integrated laboratory medicine activity.

The studies have been published in as many international scientific journals (Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Hypothesis), and have identified and evaluated a new predictive marker of severe and critical COVID-19 disease for the onset of cardiovascular and renal complications. It is a sulfur amino acid present in the bloodstream, Homocysteine, a marker of simple and easy dosage.

“Homocysteine – explained prof. Giovanni Ponti it is an amino acid that is formed in the blood. Its high concentration is already known as a cardiovascular risk factor. Since COVID19 has among its most severe complications precisely cardiovascular ones, we thought of investigating the correlation between a high presence of homocysteine ​​and complications from COVID19. The study was carried out on 100 sera collected at the Laboratory of the Baggiovara Hospital, directed by Dr. Tommaso Trenti which will have to be confirmed by an investigation extended to a more representative sample of patients, thanks to the collaboration of the research centers of Naples (Prof. Paolo Ascierto) and Messina (Prof. Lentini).

“If the results are confirmed – concludes the prof. Aldo Tomasi we will have an easily identifiable marker available to build a complication risk map ‘

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