Covid, Speranza: “Quarantine still mandatory for those arriving from non-EU countries”


Two travelers at Leonardo da Vinci airport (Ansa)
Rome, 29 June 2020 – On theopening of external borders to the EU expected from 1 July, discussions are still ongoing between Member States (“we await the results”, a spokesman for the European Commission said), but the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, stay on a cautious position. “In the world the situation is very complex, we must maintain a very high level of precaution. Today those arriving from non-European and non-Schengen countries must do the quarantine for 14 days – he said speaking to ‘It is not a country for young people’ on Radio2 -. This rule is already foreseen in our Dpcm and is in force, and I think it should still be preserved. Because it is true that Europe and Italy are a little better but on a global level the situation is not improving, we see it in the USA, in Latin America “.

“We need to tell people that we restore the opening of the borders, and we would miss it – added Speranza – but those who come from countries at risk, outside Schengen, must make 14 days of quarantine. We cannot afford another wave of contamination “.

Meanwhile Luca Zaia has announced that there will be compulsory and free tests for carers who return to Italy from non-EU countries and resume their service in families in Veneto. The President of the Region stressed that to use the service, it will be necessary to turn to the regional health system, starting with general practitioners. “It is a way to protect the elderly and their family members,” Zaia said, explaining that “the swabs will be done in real time.”

There Lombardy region instead decided to extend until July 14 the obligation to wear the mask outdoors. “Despite the discomfort of the mask, especially in the heat of July, I am of the opinion that it is necessary to continue with its maintenance until July 14”, anticipated the governor Attilio Fontana on Facebook. “It’s hot, very hot, but the opinion of virologists is still to maintain the anti-contagion precautions, first of all, the use of the mask. As you can see, I also wear it, not without sacrifice,” he added.

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