Covid outbreak in Rome: patient zero found, new positives


    <h2>Coronavirus cases related to the new Rome cluster increase. A health worker would have triggered the infection</h2>


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    <p>The contagions of the new coronavirus outbreak in Rome, in the San Raffaele Pisana care institution, rise to 41, with an increase of 6 positive. Epidemiological investigations have led to the identification of patient zero in a healthcare professional. Ansa reports this.<strong> New serological tests are ongoing</strong> for all patients discharged from 18 May and for their close contacts.

Long queues for testing in the car at San Camillo – Forlanini

At the San Camillo – Forlanini hospital, where the Spallanzani center is also located, long queues were created to make the swabs directly from your car. The Local Police found themselves forced to close the stretch of road in front of the structure’s entrance for about an hour, to avoid the risk of gatherings. Asl Roma 3 itself invited users to go to the Casal Bernocchi driv-in.

We are in line from 11 to take the serological test, we’ve been waiting for over six hours. Before we were on the street then they moved us inside the perimeter of the former Forlanini hospital. We were summoned because my daughter carried out an investigation in recent days at the San Raffaele Pisana and we came. We didn’t think we had to wait all these hours. I am a certain age and I am exhausted. They could have summoned people into several days and avoided these endless waits, “a 72-year-old patient told Ansa.

The Lazio Region has planned to carry out over 1,800 tests following the new Covid cluster in Rome. “This outbreak proves that attention should not be lowered is compliance with protocols must be maintained“, Said the Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato.

Who are the positive patients of the new outbreak in Rome

of 41 positive cases, he told the ANSA microphones again, 24 they are transferred patients, 1 is a deceased patient, 9 are employees of San Raffaele Pisana and 7 they are external. “The first case dates back to early May and it is an operator of the facility. At the moment the outbreak is limited“, Added Alessio D’Amato.

To stem the outbreak, the San Raffaele Pisana in Rome was immediately isolated with a cordon sanitary arranged by the Lazio Region. Another group structure, that of Rocca di Papa (Rome), had been overwhelmed by a scandal in April, for a series of irregularities detected during the coronavirus emergency. For that matter, the evaluation process was started for the revocation of accreditation to the regional health service.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 08-06-2020 20:11

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