Covid in Tuscany, 6 more cases and one death


The new victim is a 67-year-old man residing in Siena. The total death toll rises to 1,100. Sharp drop in ICU patients

-> FLORENCE – The contagion from Covid in Tuscany does not stop even if the numbers remain low enough. In the last 24 hours, another 6 positive cases were recorded on 3,652 swabs, for a total of 10,217 infected. Of the new cases, 3 have been identified in Prato and one respectively in Florence, Lucca and Pistoia.

There is also a new victim, a 67-year-old resident of Siena: the deceased thus rose to 1,100. There are also 28 new healings for a total of 8,780 people came out of the coronavirus infection: they represent 85.9% of the total number of infected people since last February.

337 are currently positive, 23 less than yesterday. Of these, 311 have mild and absent symptoms (down 6.4% in 24 hours) and others 26 are hospitalized, of which 6 in intensive care (yesterday they were 9 so they decreased by 33%). People are also down quarantined after close contact with a positive, 2,718, 104 less in 24 hours.

As for the healed, today they rise to 8,780 (28 more), of which 325 “clinically healed”, which have become asymptomatic after having
presented clinical manifestations associated with the infection, and 8,455 declared fully cured with double negative swab (viral healings).

Below are the cases of positivity on the territory with the change compared to yesterday,
remembering that they refer not to the province of residence but to
the one in which the diagnosis was made:

– 3,518 total cases
to date in Florence (1 more than yesterday), 575 in Prato (3 more),
681 in Pistoia (1 more),

– 1,052 in Massa Carrara, 1,370 in Lucca (1 in
more), 900 in Pisa, 559 in Livorno,

– 691 in Arezzo, 441 in Siena, 430 in

Tuscany confirms its 10th place in Italy as a number of
cases, with around 274 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average around 395
x100,000, yesterday’s figure). The notification provinces with the highest rate
are Massa Carrara with 540 cases x100,000 inhabitants, Lucca with 353,
Florence with 348, the lowest Siena with 165.

The 1,100 people who died since the beginning of the epidemic are distributed in the Tuscan provinces: 405 a
Florence, 51 in Prato, 81 in Pistoia, 162 in Massa Carrara, 141 in Lucca, 89 in
Pisa, 61 in Livorno, 46 ​​in Arezzo, 32 in Siena, 24 in Grosseto, 8 people
they died on Tuscan soil but were residents outside the region.

The crude Tuscan mortality rate (number of deceased / population
resident) for Covid-19 is 29.5 x100,000 residents against 57.4
x100,000 of the Italian average (11th region). As regards the
provinces, the highest mortality rate is found in Massa Carrara
(83.1 x100.000), Florence (40.0 x100.000) and Lucca (36.4 x100.000), the most
low in Grosseto (10.8 x100.000).

The data were disclosed by the Tuscany Region.

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