Covid and lockdown, the strangest places where people got stuck. The stories


The lockdown doesn’t look at anyone: when it clicks, it snaps, and you risk being stuck away from home. There are those who ended up in complicated situations: Insider has collected thirteen of the most unique stories that have happened in the past few months. Here are some, plus an extra one.

For example, the story of the two novel influencers Robinson Crusoe. The model Kinsey Wolanski, which became famous for its field invasion in swimsuit during the 2019 Champions League final, she left in early March for a week’s holiday in Great Exuma, an island in the bahamas. When the country imposed a border lockout, she was forced to stay there until, after a month, she agreed on an adventurous return to the United States on a stranger’s Cessna in exchange for a thousand dollars of fuel.

At the beginning of March the traveling youtuber Eva zu Beck instead he was in Socotra, one remote and semi-deserted island off the coast of Yemen, to participate in a marathon with forty other people. On March 15, local authorities decided to close the island and invited everyone to leave as soon as possible. Eva instead chose to stay and only at the end of May did she leave Socotra getting a lift from a merchant ship directed to the United Arab Emirates.

A South African couple, Olivia and Raul De Freitas, was housed in a five star resort in the Maldives for the honeymoon, when their country of origin closed the airports overnight. While the other guests were returning to Europe or the United States, they found themselves stuck in the hotel for three weeks alone, before being able to return home on a private charter flight. cost over one hundred thousand dollars, divided between them and about forty compatriots also abandoned on the archipelago.

TO Olivia and Raul however, it could have been much worse, as happened to three English tourists who they were traveling to Vietnam in early March. It turned out that a passenger on their flight was positive at Covid-19, and so they were tracked down by the authorities and put in solitary confinement for twelve days. in a disturbing abandoned madhouse in the north of the country.

Brent Underwood, owner of the ghost town of Cerro Gordo in California, in March he had gone to replace the caretaker to give him a week off, but then first a snowstorm and then the lockdown forced him to remain in solitary confinement in the abandoned mining village. Which, moreover, would be possessed by the ghosts of two children. According to his Instagram, Underwood was still there a week ago.

Let’s add another story to the ones cited by Insider. In 2017 former paratrooper Chris Lewis he left on a charity mission: walk all the coasts of the English archipelago to raise money for an organization that supports veterans in need. When the lockdown went into effect he decided to self-isolate himself with his dog Jet in Hildasay, an uninhabited island of the Shetland, living in a shepherd’s hut without water and electricity.

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