Covid-19, WHO: “It is not certain that we will find a vaccine, let’s live with it”


Covid-19 WHO took stock of the situation on the vaccine issue, highlighting how it could be more complicated than you think.

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The COVID-19 it is much less scary in Italy today, given that without a doubt the most critical phase is already behind us. Woe to underestimate the danger, of course, also because there are areas that are still heavily affected by the pandemic. In Northern Italy, the infected increase and people die every day. In the rest ofEurope the situation is not yet stable and the United States ofAmerica I am in full medical emergency. For this reason, the World Health Organization has decided to hold a meeting and reflect on the situation, which is by no means the simplest.

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Covid-19, WHO: “It is not certain that we will find a vaccine, let’s live with it”

Precisely for this reason the whole world is united in a maddening effort to create a vaccine. An effort which, to be honest, is contemporary but not joint, which should encourage us to reflect. Maybe that’s also why the WHO emergency officer, Mike Ryan, he spoke with a little skepticism reflecting on the development of the vaccine. “We must learn to live with the virus. We hope to find an effective vaccine, but this is not guaranteed to happen“, Said the WHO member.

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