Covid-19, India records: 17,000 cases in 24 hours. WHO: “Contagions are rising in Europe”


Washington, June 25, 2020 – In the last hours 35,900 new infections in the United States and 17 thousand in India, the emergency coronavirus continues to grow worldwide (According to WHO at the rate of about one million per week). In total, Covid-19 positives on the planet are nearly 10 million (9,408,757), according to data from John Hopkins University. Deaths rise to 482,184. And in many countries, where you thought you had put the risk behind you, is returning fear, as in Australia, who experienced a death for the first time in a month, and several outbreaks in the state of Victoria, and now fears a second wave. Or the China, which has repeatedly tried to return to normal, and then find itself, as recently, an outbreak in the capital. But the virus does not discount and leaves nobody alone, like the agents of Trump’s security service, the Secret Service, who dozens ended up in quarantine after serving the controversial tycoon rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Washington explains that the decision came after two of them were positive. In Europe, however, optimism is growing, and the return to normality is materializing day by day, today in France there has been the reopening of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, after months of closure.

But one must always be alert, and the early easing of anti-coronavirus measures, even in the Old Continent, has seen a return of infections in some States. WHO expressed concern: “Last week in Europe has seen an increase cases for the first time in months, “explains Hans Kluge at a press conference via Zoom from Copenhagen.” Thirty countries have seen the number of new cases accumulated over the past two weeks. ”


The World Health Organization raises the alarm oxygen deficiency in hospitals. While coronavirus cases worldwide are growing at the rate of about a million per week, oxygen, necessary for the respiration of the most serious patients, starts to be scarce. WHO has therefore purchased 14,000 oxygen concentrators from manufacturers and plans to ship them to 120 countries in the coming weeks. Another 170 thousand concentrators could arrive in the next six months. Now there are more than 9.4 million infections in the world and the WHO expects global infections to exceed 10 million by the end of this week.


The United States has recorded over 35,900 new cases in the past 24 hours, a record since late April and one of the highest so far. There are 756 new victims. The total in the US since the start of the pandemic is 2,380,452 cases and 121,969 deaths. On the economic front, another 1.48 million people have applied for unemployment in the last week. Today the White House has confirmed its plan to cut i federal funds for 13 sites where they take place covid-19 test, on the day when the US records a new record of almost 36 thousand new thousand cases.


India also records a new record of infections: almost 17,000 infections in 24 hours. Yesterday in New Delhi, he passed the city of Mumbai for the first time, the most affected so far. The Indian capital confirmed 3,778 new Covid-19 patients, for a total of 70,000. The epidemic in the country is more than 470 thousand infections and 14,894 victims.



China reports 19 new cases of contagion. Of these 13 have been confirmed in Beijing and one in Hebei province. Then five other infections would be ‘imported’, that is, linked to a group of Chinese returning from a trip abroad. China has recorded nearly 83,500 cases of contagion and 4,634 deaths.


The fear of a possible tidal wave increases after a death occurred for the first time in a month. The victim is an 80-year-old in the state of Victoria, where a new outbreak has developed with twenty cases in the past 24 hours. Australia has so far been among the countries that have best contained the spread of the pandemic, recording only 7,500 infections and 103 deaths. Australian authorities are mobilizing over a thousand military personnel to carry out mass tests in 10 neighborhoods of Melbourne, where coronavirus outbreaks are believed to have occurred.


Germany reports 630 new and 13 victims, according to the latest budget of the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases. The total number of infections rises to 192,079, while the overall deaths are instead 8,927.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris reopens this morning. After months of closure for the health emergency, tourists will be able to go back to the symbol of the French capital, but they will have to use the stairs, in fact the elevators will remain closed until July 1, as a precautionary measure and social distancing.


Among the many reopenings in Austria from July 1st it will also be up to the brothels. The Austrian Ministry of Health is working with representatives of the approximately 8,000 regularly registered sex professionals to develop a protocol that guarantees hygiene and safety. the category was heavily penalized by the pandemic, and appeals to make it illegal have increased. In the other European countries, Holland also plans to reopen the brothels on July 1st, while the Greece has already done so last week. The protocol for the Greeks provides for payment only by credit card, a maximum time of 15 minutes per customer, and mandatory masks.


Russia has fewer than 8,000 new cases for the ninth consecutive day. In the last 7,113 hours recorded, the new positives, which bring the total confirmed infections to 613,994. The victims are 8,605, of whom 92 died in the last 24 hours. The healed are 375,164 in total.


The epidemic in Brazil does not slow down, in the South American country there have been 1,185 new deaths and 42,725 new cases in the past 24 hours. The total number of deaths rises to 53,830, while 1,188,631 people are infected. But it is the whole of Latin America that is worried about the strong surge in new deaths: 100,176 (+2,632), more than half of which were recorded in Brazil.


If private clinics in Peru clinics do not find an agreement with the government in the next 48 hours for the treatment of covid patients, they will be expropriated. The threat comes directly from President Martìn Vizcarra. Clinics have not accepted government proposals on funding for these treatments. But the country is among the most affected in South America with 265 thousand infections and 8,586 victims, second after Brazil and seventh in the world by spread of the epidemic.


From Monday Buenos Aires and its province will enter a new 15-day quarantine phase with more restrictive characteristics than those existing so far.

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