Covid-19: from Brunello Cucinelli buffers on 1,200 employees, four positive asymptomatic under 35 years


Four positive employees, all asymptomatic and under 35 years old, discovered thanks to the swabs performed on the more than 1200 employees of the Solomeo company. The first completed study phase, after the completion of the Covid-19 tests, now phase two begins, he says Brunello Cucinelli who asked for the collaboration of University of Perugia and the USL to secure its workers. He set up two gazebos in front of the company with specialized doctors. The study led by Dr. Antonella Mencacci involved two phases – tells the cashmere entrepreneur -: at the beginning, the execution of swab and serological test for everyone, in order to identify any asymptomatic carriers or previous exposure to the virus; now, in this second phase, their periodic monitoring will be carried out, every 15 days, to understand any developments, until the end of the pandemic.

Four asymptomatic positives

The tests proved to be very important because they detected four young positive to the virus, all asymptomatic. Their prompt isolation prevented the transmission of the disease not only in the work environment, but also in the family environment and in the community; until the swab was negative, they always remained asymptomatic. Think what could have happened if we hadn’t carried out the checks…. The tests also allowed to identify some people negative to the swab but positive to the serological test, indicating a previous contact with the virus, as pointed out by Dr. Mencacci, explaining that no contagion occurred in the workplace, probably thanks to the respect of the containment measures taken.

Tests and swabs for those arriving from outside

Brunello Cucinelli reminds her: individual distancing, mask, closure of the canteen with the adoption of baskets. In addition, we have also instituted the possibility of carrying out the test for those arriving from outside the company; just wait an hour and you get the result. Cucinelli again: The implemented program has allowed us to return to work with less apprehension after a long time characterized by anguish, fear and hopes.

How do you see the future?

In the meantime, we have gone through the most painful part. Homer sings the deeds of powerful kings who at a certain point deposit weapons first and then pain. In my opinion we are leaving the last part of the pain and we as kings are also turning to new life.

Holidays yes or not?

We are preparing the autumn winter collection and we are able to deliver everything I imagined by August. We have decided to work an extra hour on Saturday and to reduce vacation days from 15 to 7. In this way, in late August we will have made up for lost time. We will be ready to physically present the collections in all showrooms in September: Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Milan, Solomeo, London and Paris. Virtual presentations are fine but a winter jacket that you can pay $ 5,000 must be touched …

The government

I think the government has done a right thing from a health point of view and, even from an economic point of view, it has put a lot of money on paper. But there is a problem that has existed for 40 years and no government, neither right nor left, has ever managed to solve: the bureaucracy that blocks a lot of money. If this is not resolved, the exact same situation of earthquake emergencies will occur. What would I do? I would form a group of people who for two years were concerned exclusively with deburocratizing the country.

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