Covid-19 effect on the prices of some products with higher prices than 30%


L’National Consumer Union has processed the data Istat on inflation and the ranking of the most expensive products and services during the emergency Covid, that is from February, the month where there was not yet the lockdown, in May, discovering “real price speculations”.

The record belongs to the voice e-book, with the cost of the download increasing in just 3 months of 30.4%. In second place is the fresh fruit, + 12.8% and thirdly the devices for the treatment of information, that is computer portable and stationary, PDAs, tablets, notebooks with an increase of 12%.

“In practice, – explains the association – he took advantage of the smart working and students’ obligation to follow distance lessons, to make increases to the detriment of workers and families “.

Similar fate for accessories for information processing equipment, ie monitor e printers, which are in fourth place in this ranking, going up11.3%, followed by the appliances for the fixed telephony, + 7.7%.

“Well, – insists theConsumer union – in the face of a general index which increased by only 0.1% from February to May, there were those who took advantage of the goods that the Italians had to take or buy more because of the emergency Coronavirus, to make money. “

Closes the top ten the flour (+ 3.8%), driven by the desire for pizza and homemade desserts.

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