Covid-19, Badellino (Mayor of Santa Vittoria d’Alba): “It took me two months to heal and get out of it” (VIDEO) –


In his office in the town hall, today shortly after noon, we met the mayor of Santa Vittoria d’Alba Giacomo Badellino. Our microphones talked aboutCovid-19 emergency for the Municipality of Roero, its health conditions after being cured of the virus and the restart.

In this third phase, with further openings, great caution is needed. Ours has always been a responsible community, but I invite everyone to keep the right attention, respecting the directives. We are fully convinced that we will emerge stronger and more convinced. We have changed our habits, but something good has remained within each of us. Summer Boys will take place, in collaboration with the dance school of the Cinzano district”Mayor Badellino told us, at the end of the video interview.

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