Covid-19 and schools, the cake contest for teachers arrives in July


In this difficult period for the Italian school it seems incredible to think that there are positive initiatives that can solve us from problems and give us hope. This is what happened in Novara, where the Teacher’s Happiness Cake Competition was held, promoted by the Territorial School Office of Novara, created by Professor Gabriella Colla, referent of the Office of Studies of the office itself, known for its innovative spirit and for the passion for projects, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Students of Novara, the online magazine Agromagazine, the Liceo del Gusto of Borgomanero and the Writers and Flavors Association.

The Tortino chef

The competition was instituted in memory of Georges Cogny, the famous Italian – French chef, the one who invented the Chocolate Cake and aimed at teachers, in order to raise their awareness of the importance of food education, gastronomic dexterity and creativity. Values ​​that take on particular significance during the pandemic because they are intended as opportunities for relaxation and psycho-emotional well-being. In addition to this purpose certainly very appreciable in this period, there is also the intent to enhance the Italian cultural heritage, taking a cue from a famous Gothe phrase we are all Italian and we are looking for Italy with the heart.

Teacher’s Happiness Cake aimed at teachers of schools of all levels, both Italian and international. We chose to divide it into two sections, 1) Torte and 2) Chocolate Torte, because we wanted to combine Italian pastry with French pastry, and in particular with that of Cogny, an innovative spirit, inventor of the famous chocolate cake with a soft heart. Why the chocolate section? Because the chocolate symbol of Felicit, Taste, Passion and Tenderness and therefore in this historical-social period the choice to define an ad hoc section dedicated to food was not accidental – says Colla – All of us grew up with the image of a famous chocolate cream that has accompanied us throughout our lives in moments of happiness and sadness, supporting and cheering us up. Let’s talk about the competition which divided into three phases. The first involves sending the photo of the cake that the various candidates want to make with the relative recipe by 30 June to the following email: [email protected] In the second phase, the contestants, whose recipes will be selected, will have to send a video on the making of the cake by July 30th to the same email address. In the last stage, at the end of September Coronavirus emergency permitting, the 5 finalists will be asked to make the cake at the Liceo del Gusto in Borgomanero. Given that the competition at international level we have already had the satisfaction that from New York, a metropolis hard hit by Covid 19, colleagues have appreciated the competition to the point of defining it as very cool … As it is said in these cases that the best wins, but the greatest wish goes to the initiative itself, so that it will be able to sensitize as many people as possible on the topics described above. A slice of cake always a panacea!

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