Covid-19 also has its deniers. But they are not all the same


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by Andrea Taffi

I didn’t think it could ever happen: even the COVID-19 has its deniers. Of course, in dealing with Italy, denial is not unique, univocal. No, there are several versions, different interpretations. We have direct, bitter denial; a more direct, harsher and more pure, more negationist coronavirus denial.

It is that of the so-called orange vests, who take to the streets to protest and do not care about the virus, because for them the virus simply does not exist. And they say it openly, without words: for them, for the orange vests and more or less colorful sympathizers, the Covid-19 is a hoax, there has never been: politicians and doctors, in these three months and more , they told us only lies, they made fun of us, they had fun behind us.

People died yes (this even the orange vests cannot deny it) but it happened only because of the flu, because of the fact that the dead were weak subjects. THE Holocaust deniers of this type they have it with power, whatever it is; they are angry at the boss and deny everything that power says.

Then there is a second type of denial. This is what practiced by certain politicians, who on the day of the Republic Day take to the streets against the government (for charity, legitimate, we would miss anything else) doing it (and this seems to me a little less lawful) without masks, gathering, eliminating in one fell swoop, the safety distances, almost mocking all those forms of distancing and protection which, despite the various openings and relative phases, must still be respected.

These deniers are in fact: they do not say that Covid-19 is a hoax, but they behave as if the virus was gone. Irresponsibility? Opportunistic political calculation? I don’t know, you do it.

Finally, there is the kind of denial you don’t expect. It is that of science, of certain science. This denial tells us forcefully, confidently, that Covid-19 is so weak that we can now define it as disappeared, or at best agonizing. In short, a virus that is in fact harmless. These “scientific” deniers (let me pass the term) if they take it out on colleagues who, on the other hand, say otherwise, who say more calmly and calmly that it makes no sense to talk about Covid-19’s less virulence, because empty intensive care, the lesser hospitalizations they do not mean the absence of viruses at all.

But these are (for their denial colleagues) only subjects that have spread before, and continue to spread now alarmism, unjustified and above all harmful to the (desired) normality of life, of the economy, of the State in general. In short, I had deluded myself (in these three months and more) that I had seen them all, unfortunately: pandemic, terrible deaths, mass graves and funerals without family members. But no. I also witnessed the birth of Covid-19 denial. I don’t know about you, but I would have gladly done without it.

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