COURIER – Gattuso anxious: he risks losing Mertens and two other Azzurri for Inter


The Corriere dello Sport, in the space reserved for football, focuses on the Italian Cup match between Napoli and Inter scheduled at San Paolo.

Today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport, in the space reserved for football, he projects himself to the Italian Cup match between Napoli and Inter. Gattuso risks losing three footballers for the match against Conte’s team. Mertens, during training, has a slightly annoyed expression, is aware of the difficulties; is Fabian he does not smile much, even if some miraculous resurrection has already had the opportunity to live it; neither Allan can rejoice, it will be the fault of lactic acid that takes away energy and makes you feel heavy muscles like steel. The three are in strong doubt for Inter.

Had it happened in different eras, those prior to the lockdown, on “modern” evenings yet wrapped in the soot of “strategies” of the past, there would even have been suspicions of being in the presence of a pretactic or an exaggerated caution: instead, Gattuso goes around with the concern of those who have to think about plan-B and in some ways also to that “C”, because at least until tonight, at San Paolo, he will not be able to bear the abundance of talent that he finds himself. Dries Mertens, in this hierarchy of the afflicted, is what worries him most: and having it or not having it, one who has scored 121 goals, is not the same thing.

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