Couple abandons the twins at home to go on vacation, one dies after 4 days, the other is very serious


They leave the two alone Gemini 16 months to go to intoxicate together. Margarita Yanayeva, 23 years old, and partner Alexey, 35 years old, from Vilyuchinsk, in Russia, were arrested on charges of abandoning a child after leaving the twins alone in their apartment.

The couple closed the house and left for a travel, without their children, leaving them alone and abandoned to themselves. To make the shock discovery was the grandmother of the little ones who immediately called for help: one of the twins unfortunately he died and the other is in a coma, in serious condition, in the hospital.

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The couple wanted to take a few relaxing days, one holiday to get drunk away from everyone. To justify the absence of the children to their friends, they said that the children were in the hospital with coronavirus, so they could not even see them during the hospital stay, according to their version, as also reported in the Daily Mail. The grandmother became suspicious because she hadn’t heard from anyone for days and despite the blockade between the regions she rushed home. The twins had been left without food, they had never been changed, the abandonment killed them in a few days given their tender age. Parents now face up to 20 years in prison.

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