Countermand! Spider-Man Miles Morales is not a remaster


Spider-Man Miles Morales it was presented yesterday and was immediately struck by the fact that it will be ready already in time for the launch of PS5 in late 2020.

However, a small cold shower arrived in the morning: a Sony executive revealed in an interview that the game would be nothing more than a remaster of Marvel’s Spider-Man of 2018.

A very full-bodied expansion featuring the “new” Spider-Man, Miles Morales, instead of Peter Parker, would have been added to the original game, he said.

This is the version with which we went on today, a little disappointed perhaps by the fact that it is not a real “Spider-Man 2” but only a remastering operation of a game released just two years ago.

However, Insomniac Games has just clarified through Twitter that it is a «Standalone game» of which further details will be revealed «In a future date».

The clarification comes a few minutes after a warning was issued by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who had advised that he heard that the Sony executive’s statement would be wrong.

“Spider-Man Miles Morales is not an expansion or an improvement or a remaster, despite the comments of a Sony executive”, it is read in his tweet.

“It’s not even Spider-Man 2. It’s a whole new game, standalone, similar in size to Uncharted The Lost Legacy”, not surprisingly born as Uncharted 4 DLC.

Mystery solved, therefore: Spider-Man Miles Morales will be available in late 2020, presumably at the launch of SS5 as a total exclusive.

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