Count, we will activate Sure, nothing has changed on Mes – Last Hour


“Yesterday there was a meeting where with the representatives of the majority we started to think about the range of possibilities for the next measures, we will update next week. The Sure one is an already activated path, I think it is probable that we will ask to activate it. Mes has not changed anything, we will reckon with Minister Gualtieri and the State Treasurer “. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte explains this by answering a question about Chancellor Merkel’s interview with La Stampa and in particular about the invitation to use all EU instruments on the field.

Should Italy use Mes? “It’s an Italian decision,” replies Angela Merkel to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, clarifying that the anti-crisis tools were not created to remain unused. “We have created tools, through Bei, the Mes with preventive credit lines, or the rules of layoffs with Sure. These tools can be used by everyone, and we have not created them to leave them unused”, he says in the interview published in the German newspaper of tomorrow.


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