Coronaviruses in Veneto, foreigners arrive: Germans already on the beach


VENICE We return to travel from Europe to Veneto. Cars and caravans from the rest of the Schengen area invaded the roads leading to the mountains, lakes and sea, taking advantage of the 14-day quarantine obligation deadline for those coming from the 26 states between which there are no borders and from Great Britain. Alpine pastures and villages in the Venetian peaks were literally stormed. The hotels on Lake Garda also reopen, chosen above all by German guests to enjoy the last days of the Pentecost holidays. And even the sea proves to be a real magnet. In the past few hours the center of Bibione, the green paths and the beaches have seen a multiplication of visitors from Germany and especially Austria. Most of them have chosen to stay in the apartments, while others will arrive in the coming days with the opening of the hotels. A breath of fresh air for the operators, who tell of the impatience shown by the Austrian guests towards their government: “They feel deprived – they explain – of the right to go to places familiar to them for reasons that are not objectively reflected” .

The family of Germans traveling at dawn

The first to greet the Venetian sea were, however, two groups who arrived in the early hours of the day at the Union Lido campsite in Cavallino-Treporti. These are the Druml-Reheis family, who left Bavaria when the sun was still to rise, and four Danish friends who took off from Copenhagen at dawn. “The end of the quarantine started at midnight, we got up at 6 and we left” says Manuela Druml-Reheis with the smile of those who start the holidays after the lockdown and a long drive. A little further on, sitting around the table on the terrace of the bungalow, her husband and three daughters finish lunch: “It took us 5 hours to arrive, all in one breath, but it is worth it,” he continues. They decided to book two weeks ago, after gathering all the necessary information: «In Germany there has never been a ban on moving but the government advised against coming to Italy and above all, until today, those who moved had to respect two weeks of quarantine upon return – resumes Ms. Manuela -. We are very calm about the situation, we will move even without a mask but we know that it can only be done outdoors and that’s okay too. “

The fifth time in the Cavallino-Treporti campsite

For the Druml-Reheis family, the fifth time in the Cavallino-Treporti campsite. They will leave home on Saturday but in mid-August they will return for another month. Many of their “neighbors” may not arrive this year, even though Union Lido already had 100 guests from Germany at the end of the day. “This morning on the radio they said that only 30% of the Germans will come to Italy – continues Manuela – If they move they will do it towards the North Sea, for fear, but there is really no reason”.

The Danes

The dessert arrived in the bungalow next door. Sandra, her friend of the same name, Patrick and Philip arrived a little earlier than the German neighbors despite coming from further afield. They left Copenhagen early but this trip had been planned for some time. Above the table, between dishes and glasses, a pack of disposable gloves and two of surgical masks. “We are equipped – the girl says with a smile -. We know the rules and are very calm. We booked in February – continues Sandra -. First we thought we could come, then no, but then yes, in short, there was confusion. ” They never thought about canceling the reservation: «For now we took a walk in the camping, a jump in the swimming pool and then lunch – says the girl -. We will stop for ten days and alternate a bit of relaxation with a visit to Venice and maybe a tour around here. “

Marco Polo airport

That of the four Danish friends is one of the first flights from abroad to land at Marco Polo airport. On Monday Mayor Luigi Brugnaro explained to TG2 that the first 200 German guests had already arrived. Visitors from Holland, France and Qatar will also arrive in the next few hours. Tourism returns to Venice and incorrect behavior also returns. Yesterday two Germans dived into the Grand Canal around 3.30pm, passing under the Rialto bridge. Almost nobody saw them, except a passer-by who scolded them and the pilot of a boat, who took everything and put it online. Identified, they were fined 450 euros and subjected to urban Daspo.

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