Coronavirus, zero positives and zero deaths in Veneto


ROME – Zero positives and zero deaths: for the first time Veneto today does not see the numbers related to Coronavirus grow. And it is an event in one of the regions most affected by the pandemic. The positives remained unchanged at 19,183 (1,085 those currently positive at Covid) and the deaths at 1,954 between hospital and non-hospital deaths. A trend already anticipated by last night’s data which saw growth of 1 positive and only 3 deaths.Comforting numbers that do not allow you to let your guard down is the mantra of the extraordinary emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri who, interviewed on the Rai broadcast Half an hour moredi, said: “The emergency will end when it comes when a vaccine is discovered and it is produced in sufficient doses. This emergency should not be forgotten.” He has no doubts. And he pointed out: “Now we are asked for the same responsibility. The political controversies better relegate them to a drawer. The public management of the emergency was criticized, but the time was not considered and often the criticisms were far from reality”. In short, “if we are responsible there may be a resurgence but it will be contained. I trust in the responsibility of the Italians”. “We now have more than twice as many places in the ICU, we have a large enough number of Dpi. On average we have made 40 thousand tampons a day.”
“We should start chasing asymptomatics with a national strategy, which in a phase like this is more important than those who have the virus,” said Arcuri. “Molecular tests are the only real component to tell if there is contagion or not and on this we should hunt for asymptomatics – he reiterated – Today on this we are less unprepared than we were in March, so we must prepare and this phase accelerate. ” Arcuri then stressed that it is necessary “to make the serological tests pay an acceptable price”.As for the Immuni Arcuri App he remarked: “It is a very useful component of the strategy of these weeks. Tracking is essential. To date, 2 million Italians have downloaded it. I advise all citizens to download it”. The regions in random order? “The Immuni App will be the one most capable of meeting emergencies.” Collaboration with Colao? “I had to spend time doing much more expensive things. Colao is a respectable and extraordinary person.”

“In the first few nights we were unarmed,” said Arcuri, retracing the first stages of the health emergency. “I had to decide where to give life and where to risk death. This experience should never be repeated.” And again: “In 80 days we have done extraordinary things. Among these, having distributed over 380 million masks. Before, we depended on China. Today, over 50% of our orders are made by Italian companies”.

“No country in the world was prepared to handle this emergency,” added Arcuri: “The Italians have been extraordinary, not me,” he said, “I have only accompanied this process day and night to get out of the lockdown.

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