Coronavirus, Zaia: “We are preparing the ordinance. Derogation for the Arena of Verona: a place yes, a place no “


More spectators at the Arena di Verona, in view of the Venice Film Festival. This was confirmed by the governor of the region Luca Zaia: «We are preparing the ordinance after the DPCM … It will be a complicated ordinance because we want to put dates and solutions on black and white also for discos, outdoor shows, cinemas, theaters, fairs, festivals, game rooms, casinos, a myriad of activities to be lined up with precise derogations ». In particular, “The Arena of Verona with a maximum capacity of 15500 people: we want to exercise the derogation as for the Venice Film Festival. For the Arena we want to guarantee the seats a yes and a no place without many meters. A cons is the Dpcm, another is the capacity of the Arena, where a thousand spectators is an absurdity: we want more than the three thousand seats required, but half of the capacity. We will exercise our autonomy. It will be a business, but we must succeed, we want to take an important commitment as a sign of restart. “

The exhibition

The reference is to the Film Festival: «May the fallout of this philosophy reach the cinemas and the Film Festival because September is the day after tomorrow, with tourists coming from all over the world and it is right to find tickets online right away. We take responsibility for moving from 200 people indoors and 1000 outside to something else: it is not a home-made cinema forum. ” And again: “Compared to the ordinance, the Prime Minister’s Decree provides for opening of discos from 15 July with exceptions and we are considering anticipating why they are an important production sector. As well as for festivals. The reopenings will take place gradually but will be codified in the ordinances with dates and guidelines ».

June 12, 2020 (change June 12, 2020 | 1:20 pm)


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