Coronavirus, you go back to the disco but you dance outdoors and two meters away


The conference of the Regions today approved the guidelines for the reopening of dance clubs, spas, fair congresses, game rooms. Without prejudice to the general rules of spacing and sanitization, in discos, in particular, accesses will have to be quota so as to guarantee the possibility of maintaining at least a meter of distance between people and two meters between those on the dance floor. You can only dance outside and indoors you will need to wear a mask.The cash desks must be protected with special shields and, if possible, it will be necessary to allow the reservation of the electronic access and a attendance register must be kept for 14 days. Drinks cannot be consumed at the bar counter and you will need to queue to order. The cloakroom service can be offered, but the clothes must be stored in special clothes bags. The surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected frequently, and the exchange of air in the internal rooms must be guaranteed.
Access to slots, bingo and betting rooms must also be limited to allow for respect for interpersonal distances. Managers must encourage the use of external environments if available and sanitize surfaces and objects after each single use. Objects that cannot be sanitized cannot be used. Conferences and fairs must be organized taking into account the capacity of the spaces chosen, users and assistance staff must always wear the mask and the devices used by any speakers must be covered with film for food or clinical use and disinfected at each intervention.In the same way, tourist guides will have to keep the list of participants for each tour for 14 days, who will have to wear a mask and use their own devices if digital supports are provided for the use of information. The thermal pools may reopen, but must guarantee at least an index of seven square meters of water per user if swimming activity is allowed, and four square meters per person if swimming activity is not allowed. The collective sports activity, such as water aerobics or water aerobics, can be carried out with an interpersonal distance of two meters, possibly in the outdoor pools. In the indoor pools it will be necessary to wait an hour between one activity and the next, and adequately ventilate the room.

In the wellness centers it will be necessary to guarantee at least two meters of distance between the users and it will not be possible to use hot and humid environments such as saunas, which can only be accessed by reservation and exclusive use. In general, in the changing rooms it will be necessary to guarantee a meter of distance between people and avoid the promiscuous use of objects and linen. Finally, as regards cinemas and theaters, beyond the provisions relating to the actors, users must wear a mask and the seats must provide a distance of one meter between one spectator and the other, unless it is spectators belonging to the same family or that the seats are not adequately separated with Plexiglas panels. For indoor shows the maximum number of spectators is 200, while in outdoor shows it can reach 1,000.

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