Coronavirus, WHO: no double negative buffer is needed to get out of isolation. Hope: “Deepening new guidelines”


The guidelines of theWHO: to get out of self-isolation, if there were results positive and beyond gravity infection, you don’t need a double anymore buffer negative at least 24 hours apart, in addition to clinical healing. It only takes 3 days without symptoms. Who is it symptomatic he must therefore remain at home for at least 10 days from the positive test to which three days are added without febrile symptoms or respirators, while the asymptomatic as long as they remain isolated for ten days. There quarantinetherefore, it depends on the duration of the symptoms. If a person has symptoms for 14 days, explain the Corriere della Sera, will stay at home for 14 days + 3, if instead he has symptoms for 30 days then he can leave the house after 30 days + 3. “The updated criteria – specifies the WHO – reflect the recent results according to which the patients whose symptoms have resolved may still be positive for the virus SARS-CoV-2 by swab RT-PCR for many weeks. Despite this result positive of the test, they are unlikely to be infectious and therefore unable to transmit the virus to another person. ” The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in a letter to Scientific Technical Committee (Cts) asks to deepen the new guidelines because they could affect the provisions in force in Italy, “without prejudice – he adds – the principle of maximum precaution that has guided us so far”.

The change in the criteria ofWorld Health Organization – updated to 27 May – raise concerns about the cases of people who, for example, after two swabs negative they record one positive or people who are not yet one or two months after the start of the infection negativizzate. “We are sending these tests to specialized laboratories to find out if this is a non-viable RNA residue,” he explains Courier service epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco.

Marcello Tirani, epidemiologist of the Welfare Directorate of the Lombardy Region also adds that i data these days “certify that of average one tampon out of two today results weakly positive“, That is, with low viral load. “We remain cautious not to transmit messages that could sound like a free all and be misunderstood – explained al Courier service -. We cannot say with certainty that they are not in terms absolute, but largely yes, “he said explaining if he agrees with those who consider these people to be no longer contagious. “There remains a basic problem: difficult to make a comparison scientific among the cases of the beginning and today – he continues -. If there were 100 in March swabs on the fifth day of the sick person, now in many cases they are made as many on the 40th day: the viral load has gone down a lot. ” Furthermore “the buffer look for bits of rNA of the virus. Now often find a virus dead. We know this by tests we have done in Pavia, sowing it on culture ground to see if it grows. Most of these don’t grow. What the swab detects in many cases is virus abortive material. ”

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