Coronavirus, WHO: “Europe ok, but in the world it’s getting worse”. Bags down for fear of second wave


Washington, June 11, 2020 – Il coronavirus is rampant in the United States, infections are on the rise again 21 states, after reopening. In the United States there are more two million cases, and the victims are more than 113 thousand, according to a report reported by the New York Times. The number of positives in the world has largely exceeded 7 million, while the dead are over 400 thousand. According to a calculation by Johns Hopkins University, the United States is followed, in number of cases, by Brazil (772,416 infections) and Russia (493,023). But with regard to deaths in second place we find the United Kingdom, with 41,213 deaths, then Brazil, with 39,680.

The least affected

Instead, according to what is officially registered and declared by each country, Covid-19 has affected least of all the small African state Lesotho, with 4 cases. Followed by Papua New Guinea, with 8 cases, Western Sahara, with 9, and Seychelles with 11. Then the Vatican with 12 cases, the Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis with 15, Fiji with 18, and 19 cases in the island of Saint Lucia.


USA, 170,000 dead expected by October

The projection models on the coronavirus epidemic in the United States are now chasing each other, the latest establishes that the death toll will reach 170 thousand by October 1. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of the University of Washington created it, often mentioned in the White House briefings. To be precise, 169,890 Covid-19 deaths are expected across the United States with a range that varies between 133,000 and 290,000 deaths. The number of daily deaths will decrease between June and July, will remain stable in August and then return to increase in September with a new peak in the month: from 410 deaths per day on September 1 to 1,018 on October 1, with the arrival autumn.

Hollywood tries to regain some normalcy after the Covid-19 epidemic. Los Angeles authorities have authorized since tomorrow the reopening of the sets of film and television productions. But the positive news for the US show business is reduced by the fact that it still does movie theaters will remain closed. On the way, the world of cinema has had to deal with repetitive tests for actors and technical figures, not to mention the respect for hygiene and health standards, to be able to return to shooting films and series in Hollywood. But the official go-ahead was greeted with a certain coldness: in fact most of the productions will return to work no earlier than September.


Germany has recorded 555 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, for a total of 185,416. The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases also updated the overall death toll with 26 new deaths: 8,755.

Gb, deaths are falling

In GB the daily increase in coronavirus deaths decreases again. In the last 24 hours 151 victims have been registered, against 245 yesterday. The curve of new diagnosed infections has steadily decreased, about 1,200 since yesterday, for just over 291,000 in total.

Spain, no deaths since Sunday

In Spain there were 156 new cases, less than the 167 of the previous day. The total number of infections rises to 242,707, instead deaths are 27,136 deaths, a budget unchanged since Sunday.

France, concerts for a spectator

In France there have been 27 deaths in hospitals in the past 24 hours, the total death toll is 29,346. The French Directorate-General for Health has announced that 210 outbreaks have emerged since 9 May, 83 of which are no longer active today. Hospital admissions continue to decline, 213 fewer than yesterday (11,465 in total), and patients in intensive care (30 less in a day, total at 903).

It started on 2 June, and seems to have won its bet: the Parisian club “La Gare” organizes a hundred “solo concerts for one spectator” every evening, five minutes in which the musician and spectator share the hall, five meters away in compliance with the anti-covid rules. The public is not lacking: to be able to attend one must register on a list and wait one’s turn; once entered the musician and listener introduce themselves and the concert can begin (a couple or two friends count as “one” spectator).

Case boom in Ukraine

In the past 24 hours alone, Ukraine recorded 689 new cases, a record of daily increases. Health Minister Maksym Stepanov called the figure “very alarming” complaining of serious violations of the rules of spacing and the lack of protection by citizens with masks. But according to some experts, the surge in cases is due to the increase in tests. Ukraine is a country of about 40 million inhabitants, and has registered 3,659 new positive patients since Friday, an increase of almost 21% over the previous seven days. To date, 29,070 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded, including 854 deaths.

Russia, the third country in the world for infections

Russian health authorities have confirmed that they have exceeded the threshold of 500 thousand confirmed infected. And only a few days ago the capital Moscow had lifted the strict confinement restrictions. The data, however, are pitiless: the total number of cases rises to 502,436, with 8,779 recorded only on the last day. The most affected cities remain Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the surrounding areas.

WHO: the pandemic is worsening in the world. Well Europe

The emergency coronavirus continues, indeed “in the world it is getting worse even if in Europe it has improved “, are the words of the WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a briefing with the representatives of the member states of the UN agency. According to the WHO in fact in the last two weeks “100,000 new cases” were recorded per day, of which 75% “were reported in ten countries, the Americas and Southeast Asia”.


Latin America

While Europe is relishing the return to normal, Latin American countries have thousands of victims per day. States with very precarious health systems and dubious contrast policies, have raised the emergency to over 70 thousand deaths. With the United States, first on the sad podium, with two million infections, America is the epicenter of the health crisis with almost half of the deaths worldwide, and half of the more than 7.3 million cases, according to sources official. Brazil pays the criticism of President Bolsonaro, and is the Latin American country most affected and the third in the world with 39,680 deaths (second by infection: 772 thousand cases), more than half of the 71,104 deaths in all of Latin America.
Nonetheless, San Paolo, the most populous city in the country, with 12 million inhabitants, shopping centers are reopening today, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in Brazil on June 12th. Ok to shopping malls also in Rio de Janeiro. Bolsonaro continues his campaign against the lockdown and continues to promote the resumption of activities, but experts consider the easing to be rash as the contagion curve continues to rise. The situation is also serious in Mexico, the second Latin American country with the highest number of deaths. Over 15 thousand deaths and it counts 129.184 cases.

Africa, the pandemic accelerates

Africa has 207,617 confirmed cases and 5,642 deaths related to the infection, this is the alarm raised by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the African region. Ten African countries account for 75 percent of the total number of infections, the most serious being South Africa which alone accounts for a quarter and 1,210 deaths.

Israel, open schools: new cases

In Israel, the number of deaths has reached 300, and the number of new infected is also growing. According to the Ministry of Health, 106 new positives have been recorded in the last 24 hours. The total reached 18,461, of which 1,700 were recorded in two weeks while in the month of May infections were less than 1,200. For government experts, the cause is to be found in the reopening of schools in May, after two months of closure. According to the Ministry of Education, since the reopening of the schools, 442 students and staff have become infected, 144 institutions and nursery schools closed, about 24 thousand people placed in quarantine.

In India 180 cases after the party for the end of the lockdown

It was a party organized by a young man with some of his friends to celebrate the end of the lockdown, but then there were 180 positives. It was Tukaram Mundhe, the municipal commissioner of Nagpur, central India, who told the story to the BBC. Eventually the party triggered an outbreak that infected 180 people, including 16 members of the same family. Another 700 people who came into contact with the infected were quarantined. According to a reconstruction to celebrate the end of the confinement measures, the young man had invited 5 friends, and for the occasion he also purchased meat in a district near Nagpur where numerous cases were recorded. In the following days the boy’s health conditions worsened and he was hospitalized.


Bags collapse for fear of second wave

The fear of a new wave of the coronavirus in the United States and Latin America, added to the alarm on the risks that the US economy spread by the Fed runs, have made Wall Street open in sharp decline, and sink the European stock exchanges. Then black day on the markets of the Old Continent, with the Euro stoxx 600 index, which groups the main securities listed on the European stock exchanges, which leaves 4.10% on the ground. A drop that translates to 328 billion capitalization lost in one sitting. The only one Business Square posted a drop of 4.81% in the Ftse Mib index, ‘burning’ 21.6 billion.

The situation is aggravated by the new wave of sales on oil, Brent lost 7 percentage points to 38.8 dollars a barrel at the end of the European price lists, which ended up penalizing the stocks of the energy sector.

Thud Wall Street

Thump also for Wall Street, which closes its worst session since March 16th. All three major indices recorded losses in excess of 5%. The Dow Jones left 6.9% on the ground at 25,128.17 points while the S&P 500 fell 5.9% to 3,002.10. Technological Nasdaq sank 5.3% to 9,492.43.

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