Coronavirus Veneto, one case and 5 deaths in the last 24 hours. But it’s yellow on the numbers


According to the Region there would have been zero victims and only 3 new infections. But the Civil Protection has corrected the data. The positives are 19,183 (1,085 those currently positive at Covid) and the deaths at 1,954 between hospital and non-hospital deaths. Governor Zaia announces: “I will meet Minister Gualtieri for the restart of the fairs”
From zero deaths to five victims. A correction in a few hours for the data on coronavirus in Veneto, a detective who saw the numbers communicated by the Region corrected by those contained in the Civil Protection bulletin. At first, in fact, there had been talk of zero deaths and zero infections, numbers updated a few hours later in 3 new positives and still no victims. But the data communicated by the Civil Protection have set the number of deaths to five, with only one new positive person. A discrepancy perhaps due to an adjustment of the counts as happened in Piedmont, with seven people who died in recent days and registered only in the last hours.

Abrupt slowdown of contagions in Veneto

For Veneto, one of the most affected regions in Italy at the beginning of the pandemic (LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL – GRAPHICS), it is still a positive day that marks a step forward in the data relating to Covid-19. Thus there is a sudden slowdown of the infection. The positives remained unchanged at 19,183 (1,085 those currently positive at Covid) and the deaths at 1,954 between hospital and non-hospital deaths. A trend already anticipated by the data of the past few hours which saw a growth of 1 positive and only 3 deaths. In the region, moreover, about 7 thousand pupils of the third and fourth professional classes are preparing to return to school in June.

Zaia: tomorrow I’m talking about fairs with Minister Gualtieri


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Governor Luca Zaia also announced that he is scheduled to meet with Minister of Economy Gualteri on Monday to talk about phase 3 and especially about the fairs. “For us, the fair system is an indispensable reality, currently on its knees – he explains -. For Verona not to do Fieracavalli and autumn appointments means to end the year in a disastrous way”.

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