Coronavirus. Vaccine of Pomezia, 10 days for the first answers to the tests. US and China are also on the pitch


That the goal for the vaccine and every day closer many begin to believe it and the alliance for the vaccine of which Italy is the leader with Germany, France is Holland, overwhelmingly brought Europe back into play, which risked watching the match between the USA and China from the stands, without having the possibility of entering the field. Italy was in danger of remaining on the margins with very few opportunities to participate alone in the negotiations for the production and distribution of the drug. And instead the Italian government, with the signing of the pact with AstraZeneca for the supply of up to 400 million doses of vaccine “to be destined for the whole European population”, he was rightly awarded the jersey of the team captain who chose as his vaccine candidate the one born from the studies of theOxford University which also includes the Italian Irbm, which is based in the district of Pomezia, through its division Advent for innovative vaccines.

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Vaccine, 400 million doses within the year. Europe signs the agreement with Astrazeneca
Coronavirus vaccine, Ricciardi: «Doctors and the elderly first»

In parallel, AstraZeneca is called to build several supply chains globally, including Europe: the promise is to produce a first tranche of 100 million doses by the end of the year to reach at least 400 million by June, against an outlay of a total of 750 million euros by the 4 states (Italy will put 185). As mentioned, however, the doses will benefit all over 350 million European citizens.
Within ten days the results of the Phase 1 trial of the Italian-English drug will be disclosed, which in the meantime has reached Phase 3 out of 10 thousand volunteers, recruited in Great Britain and Brazil, where the peaks of the epidemic are still high and ensure they can complete the trial.

Hopefully they can confirm the vaccine target by the end of September. A result that «is not just planting the flag on the moon» as he explains «with prudent optimism», Piero Di Lorenzo, president of Irbm, the biotech company of Pomezia, who participates in the realization of the candidate on whom Italy focuses, because « in experimentation the stumbling block is always around the corner and in the vaccine race the timing to hit the target will make the difference from the point of view of the health of millions of people, but also of the health of the economy and therefore in terms of GDP of individual countries: the vaccine will allow the world to start again “.

The Oxford candidate has broken the stages and is in the most advanced phase of experimentation because already 18 years ago, studying the vaccines for other coronaviruses, he had synthesized the protein, which generates the immune response capable of repelling virus attacks. “Paradoxically – explains Di Lorenzo – in the tragedy of the pandemic it was fortunate that Sars-Cov2 was a coronavirus on which there have been many studies for years. Oxford synthesized the spike protein in two weeks. If it had been a virus with unknown characteristics for the vaccine it would have taken many years and not a year as it is happening ».

The different vaccines will have their own characteristics and therefore will probably be suitable for various targets of people also on the basis of potential contraindications. The point is that it will be necessary to understand how patents will work and therefore how access to medicines worldwide will materialize. This is why WHO and Europe have flagged the right to vaccine as a public and non-market good. Oxford University and then Astrazeneca have made it clear to the market that they want to reenter only the industrial cost. A sustainable way that will hopefully be followed by others. The pandemic also requires the political choice of sharing resources against the virus.

Who gets to the vaccine can decide who to give priority to. At that point the vaccination strategies will leave the field of laboratories and research institutes to move to the chancelleries. For now the road is that of the alliance, if more vaccines arrive at the finish line, parallel roads will be implemented to save the planet.


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