Coronavirus vaccine, agreement between Takis and Rottapharm Biotech: the details


Coronavirus vaccine, agreement between Takis and Rottapharm Biotech: details of the agreement between the two well-known Italian companies.

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The number of victims due to the Coronavirus and, meanwhile, the great maneuvers to experiment and market the vaccine. And now here is the expected turnaround. The two well-known Italian biotech companies Takis is Rottapharm – according to Ansa – they would have reached a agreement of collaboration to accomplish this very important goal. Takis, who designed the vaccine Covid-Evax, will use the contribution of Rottapharm Biotech. The latter, for its part, will offer its skills in the development of innovative drugs and will guarantee financial coverage.

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Coronavirus vaccine, the expected turnaround comes

Here is what is admitted in this sense by theCEO of Takis, Luigi Aurisicchio: “It is a great honor for us to be able to collaborate with Rottapharm Biotech and our synergy will serve to give new stimuli to this project. Our goal is to accelerate the development of the vaccine, especially in view of large-scale production“. The road, therefore, is still long but one thing is certain: in Autumn the very first will begin test on humans of the Covid-eVax vaccine.

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Coronavirus vaccine test

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