Coronavirus: USA, after Texas restrictions also in Florida – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 28 – After Texas, due to the increase
of coronavirus cases (over 2.5 million in all the US, with
more than 125,000 deaths), Florida also returns to impose
restrictions, after having substantially reopened all
activity a few weeks ago. The American media report it.

The two states are among those in which the epidemic has returned to
spread faster.

On Saturday, Florida registered over 9,500 new cases, and
the day before the increase had been 9,000. The total of the
state exceeds 132,000. Over 3,300 people affected by Covid-19
They’re dead.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis therefore imposed it
restrictions, however mild enough: bars will not be able
serve alcohol inside the premises but only for takeaway (but
it is not clear whether the measure also concerns restaurants), according to
what the Miami Herald wrote. Miami Mayor Francis
Suarez said that “the numbers are very high” and that “the system
citizen health care is in great pain. “” We impose fines on
who turns without a mask – he declared – but at some point
we could force you to stay home. “

In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has closed the bars and has
ordered restaurants to cut seats by 50%. The situation
it is particularly serious in Galena Park, a town east of
Houston, where the mayor imposed a curfew, warning
that local hospitals will soon no longer be able to manage it
the high number of patients. (HANDLE).


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